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Host of EuroGames 2021, Pan Idræt Copenhagen, says sports events are going ahead despite cancellation of the WorldPride Parade


Pan Idræt, host of the sports events known collectively as EuroGames 2021, which are part of Copenhagen 2021 together with WorldPride, is still going full speed ahead with the 29 different sports tournaments to be held from 18 to 20 August this summer.

“Of course, we’re sad that the actual pride parade has had to be cancelled due to government restrictions,” said Christian Bigom, chair of Pan Idræt, the LGBT+ sports club which won the bid to host EuroGames 2021 licenced by the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation.

“The parade is the most visible part of the whole event, but still only one part of the massive Copenhagen 2021 mega-event being held in Malmö, Sweden and the Danish capital Copenhagen.”

The Danish government has chosen to restrict mass gatherings to an extent that makes it impossible to host a pride parade of the scale normally held each year in Copenhagen, which of course would have been even bigger this year with WorldPride being held in the city.

However, this restriction will not affect the sports tournaments, where the most popular sports are expected to have several hundred participants each. The EuroGames Opening and Closing Ceremonies will also still take place and Copenhagen’s restaurants and night life are opening up more and more every week as more people are being vaccinated.

“We’re working closely with the relevant sport governing bodies, municipal authorities and others who own the various venues such as sports halls and swimming pools,” added Christian Bigom.

“We’ll be following all restrictions and advice so that we can all have safe tournaments and make sure our visitors have a great time here too”, he concluded.

Katja Moesgaard, chairperson of Copenhagen 2021, the organisation set up by Pan Idræt and Copenhagen Pride to jointly run all the events, is very happy that the sports part of the mega-event will not be affected. “Registration is open until 12 July, and some sports are nearly full, so we might need to close registration early in those cases. Book early – we have a very generous cancellation policy. In the worst-case scenario where we have to cancel because of COVID-19, all registration fees will be refunded 100%”, she said.


About EuroGames 2021

EuroGames 2021 is an LGBTI+ inclusive sporting event including 29 sports and will take place from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 August in Copenhagen and Malmö. It is licenced by the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation and is held in a different European city each year. In 2022 it will be held in Nijmegen in the Netherlands and in 2023 in the Swiss capital Berne.

About Copenhagen 2021

Copenhagen 2021 is the name of the combined mega-event and the operating name of Happy Copenhagen, the organisation formed jointly by Copenhagen Pride and Pan Idræt to bid, plan and manage WorldPride and EuroGames.

About Pan Idræt

Pan Idræt is the joint name for two multi-sports clubs (Pan Idræt København and Pan Idræt Frederiksberg) with over 25 different sports and activities – there are activities every day in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg and together there are over 1300 members.

Pan Idræt focuses on creating an inclusive and safe space for sporting ambitions and strong social relationships.

Contact Pan Idræt

Christian Bigom, chair

+45 4094 2727


Contact Copenhagen 2021

Danish media

Liv Rossander, PR Consultant

+45 2137 9782


Swedish media

Sanne Kleiner, Media Manager

+46 766-110716


All other media

Steve Taylor, Director of Communications & Marketing

+45 3110 7986

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