About Pan Boxing

Boxing training is a combination of technique, strength and cardio. We start with thorough warm-up and move on to relays, circuit training and sandbags and cushions. We use elements from boxing, and get a whole body workout which will make you feel exhausted at the end of a session.

There is no physical contact – so there’s no risk of getting a black eye. Boxing is hard exercise, but also a sport in which most people can participate regardless of ability. Almost all exercises have a “light” version such as push-ups on your knees, skipping instead of running, gentle punches etc. If you’re in good shape though, you won’t lack a good workout, as you get to decide how hard you work.
If you are a beginner, you can expect an introduction to the standard punch techniques so you can hit a sandbag without hurting yourself.

Try it out

You’re welcome to come and try boxing out – please write us so we know when to expect you.
What should I bring?

  • Comfortable clothes for exercise
  • Indoor shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Boxing gloves (Gloves for lending are available for beginners, no need to confirm in advance.)

Optional items:

  • Small towel to wipe the sweat off your face
  • Towel and a change of clothes

Are you interested in joining, do you have any questions, or is there some information you could not find in our pages?
Then please write us (boksning@panidraet.dk) and we’ll get back to you.


When and Where

Day: Tuesday
Time: 19:30-21:00
Address: Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 København V (Map)

The gym called “maskinrummet” is located in the basement. We have our own sandbags and other equipment such as cushions and jump ropes. There are separated changing facilities and showers. If you have certain needs or questions about changing facilities, send us an email. Unfortunately there are no lockers, but it is not a problem to bring your things into the gym with you.



The membership fee for Pan Boxing is 250 DKK per half year.

In addition to the sports fee there is a club membership fee which is 340 DKK annually.



The social aspect is a key component in Pan Boxing – something that you won’t find in i.e. fitness centers. You can expect continuity in the participants, and you’ll find a nice atmosphere of inclusion. We’re a diverse group in respect to gender, age and ability.

After every last exercise of the month, we go out to dinner – you’re of course welcome even if you couldn’t participate in the exercise that day.

Steering committee

Lasse Kofoed Bech


Kim Larsen

Committee member

Thomas Jørgensen

Committee member


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