Who are we?

Pan Idræt is the joint name for the two sports clubs called Pan Idræt Copenhagen and Pan Idræt Frederiksberg, which together have over 25 different sports activities and sections. We have activities in the City of Copenhagen and the City of Frederiksberg, and together we have over 1200 members.

We focus on creating an inclusive and safe space for sport and on building strong social relationships – and we know from our members that we are experts at that. We are also proud of the fact that others agree with us – our membership numbers rise around 4% a year. Do you want to know more about our vision and what we want to achieve? Read more here.

Our sections

Most of our activities are organized in the over 25 sections within the clubs. So our members are kin fact members of several communities – the overall community across all the different sports sections and the closer community found in each individual section or team.

We can see that this gives  us a special strength and that means as a member of Pan Idræt you can flexibly and easily choose from the broad range of sports on offer.

Our history

Pan Idræt Copenhagen was founded in 1984 as a sports club for gays and lesbians within the National Association of Gays and Lesbians, while Pan Idræt Frederiksberg was founded in 2012.

Our first objective was to create a safe space for gays and lesbians to play sport. Unfortunately in 1984 there was not a great deal of understanding for homosexuals in sport. The first section in Pan Idræt which was founded was swimming, called Copenhagen Mermates, as gay men were not welcome in mainstream swimming clubs. Fortunately that attitude mostly belongs to the past today, however that doesn’t mean that people have stopped coming to us – quite the opposite we have in fact grown constantly since separating from the National Association of Gays and Lesbians (today known as LGBT Denmark). Today, Pan Idræt has more than 1200 members.

We are a modern sports club which is trying to move forward from the outdated and uninclusive “LGBT” term. We focus on inclusion with a particular focus on sexual and gender diversity.

We realise of course that our core membership consists of homosexual men and women but fortunately we are seeing an increase in other people such as transgender members. For us as a sports club it is a great privilege that people choose us.

Since 2011, leadership, communication and broadening the range of sports on offer have been our main focus. This development recently culminated in 2015 when we won a national award for sports club development. In Spring 2016 we were also named sports club of the year in Copenhagen.

Sport and fellowship

Pan Idræt is not an elite sports club even though we have very many ambitious sportspeople as members. The basis for our club is fellowship and everyone is welcome to take part in sports at their own level. We have some very ambitious sections with different teams at different levels. If you want to know more about the different teams find more information here.

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