Who are we?

Pan Idræt is the joint name for two multi-sports clubs (Pan Idræt København and Pan Idræt Frederiksberg) with over 25 different sports and activities - we have activities in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg and together we have over 1100 members.

We focus on creating an inclusive and safe space for sporting ambitions and strong social relationships - and we know from our members that we are experts in this. We are also proud that others agree with this - our membership is increasing with approx. 4 pct. per year.

Want to know more about our vision and where we want to go? So read more here. 

Our sports sections

Pan Idræt's activities are for the most part organised in the more than 25 sports sections that the club contains. Our members are therefore part of several community groups - both the overall community that transcends all the various sports and the individual communities for each particular sport or team.

We can see that it gives a very special strength to have several communities, and this means that as a member of Pan Idræt you can effortlessly and flexibly choose from the wide range of sports offerings that fit into a busy everyday life.

Our history

Pan Idræt København was founded as a sports association for gays and lesbians back in 1984 - while Pan Idræt Frederiksberg was born in 2012 in the Student House in Copenhagen.

Pan Idræt's original objective was to build a safe space for gays and lesbians where they could play sports - unfortunately back in 1984 there was not much understanding of homosexuals in sports. The first sports section in Pan Idræt that was founded was swimming (today Copenhagen Mermates), as gay men were not welcome in "normal" swimming clubs.

Fortunately, such attitudes are in many places now a thing of the past.

However, this has not meant that people have chosen to leave Pan Idræt - on the contrary, the club has grown continuously since it became independent from the National Association for Gays and Lesbians (today called LGBT + Denmark). Pan Idræt currently has over 1250 members.

Today we are a modern sports club - trying to move on from the outdated "LGBT" concept which can be felt to exclude some people - instead we focus on the inclusion of people with a special focus on sexual orientation and gender diversity.

We are pleased to see increasing interest for our community from transgender people, among others. It is a great privilege for us as a sports club to be actively chosen in this way.

Since 2011, we have had a firm focus on the development and improvement of our leadership, communication and offerings. These developments meant in 2015 that Pan Idræt was named Danish Champion in Club Development at a major national competition run by the Danish Sports & Gymnastics Association (DGI), and in the spring of 2016 DGI's local Copenhagen branch named us Club of the Year.

Sports and social community

Pan Idræt is not club for professional or elite sports - although we have many ambitious athletes with a desire to win medals. The basis for our sport is the community, and then you as a participant in the individual sports find your own level. We have some very ambitious sports sections, some divided into levels or divisions.

Do you want to know more about the individual teams - then you will find more information here.

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