Become a volunteer at Pan Idræt

Pan Sports is built around volunteering and enthusiasts. The vast majority of coaches are volunteers, the members of the steering groups are volunteers, and the same is true of the board and other committees and working groups. Without the volunteers, there would not be a Pan Sport.

Do you want to volunteer in Pan Sports? Do you want to help strengthen the Pan Sports sports departments? If Yes - then contact the steering group of the sports department of which you are a member. Click here to go to the contact page for our sports departments.

You can also write directly to the board of Pan Idræt if you would like to help with tasks that benefit all members of Pan Idræt. You must write to


Join Eurogames and World Pride in 2021

Do you want to volunteer for Eurogames and World Pride in August 2021 in Copenhagen. Rainbow athletes and delegates from all over the world come to practice sports and discuss human rights and conditions for LGBTQ people around the world. The event will attract thousands of guests.

There is a need for people who are ready to lend a helping hand. If you think this sounds interesting and you would like to hear more, then you can join this facebook group:

Copenhagen Volunteers 2021

Volunteer of the Year

In 2014, Pan Idræt's board established the award as 'Volunteer of the Year'. With the award, the board will honor the volunteerism in Pan Sports and say thank you for lots of volunteer hours - which helps to create community and success for Pan Sports. The award must focus on all commitment - large and small. It all counts in our common history.  

The award is given to a passionate person or passionate people who put in a completely extraordinary effort, who take on a great responsibility - not necessarily only for their own sport but for the whole community. The prize consists of the Pan Idræt Pokalen, which as a walking trophy goes on from prize winner to prize winner.

Pan Event is Pan Sports's social offer. During the year, a number of events are held such as summer party, Christmas lunch, New Year's shed, theater tours, Friday bar, lectures and more for club members. 

It is a group of members from Pan Idræt who have taken responsibility for planning and holding the events - often with the help of extra volunteers on the day when the event runs off the stack.

Pan Event gets the award because they do a great job.

Paul Brummitt has been a volunteer for many years in Pan Sports. In fact, he had 10 years anniversary in 2018 as a member and 8 years as a super volunteer.

Paul Brummitt has made an extraordinary effort over many years. The duties have varied from convention volunteer, steering committee member, tour guide, board member, chairman, department chair (water sports), president of the European Federation and translator par excellence. Over the past year, he has been an incredible support for the board in the work of winning EuroGames to Copenhagen.

Paul Brummitt has been a huge resource who has made a great contribution to the association for many years and we are pleased to see that it continues to happen at several levels of the club's work.

Sergio has taken the initiative to start a completely new and untraditional sport in Pan Idræt. Namely dodgeball.

An American variant of what many probably know as a combination of chieftain ball and stick ball. Pan Dodgeball, led by Sergio has in a relatively short time and with a great insistence on humor, continuous marketing, activities across sports and the importance of the social managed to create a new department with 40 members with a distinct atmosphere of space for all .


Morten E. Hansen has repeatedly shown that he stands up for the community with great independent initiative. It is the whole core of Morten's voluntary work to take responsibility and carry out what is planned with great precision.

First of all, Pan Idræt would not have had a spinning department if Morten had not taken the initiative for the project. All the years that the department was active, Morten has been a skilled department chairman and instructor.

Morten has repeatedly taken on a great deal of responsibility in connection with the preparation and implementation of our joint Christmas lunch. In addition, not least the legendary Pan cAnal Tours during the Pan Games in 2014, where the extra was made with great success, which put a fun and cultural element on the classic canal tour in Copenhagen.

Daniel Esmann is one of the most distinguished ambassadors for Pan Sports. In many public contexts, Daniel has clearly communicated the value he experiences by being part of Pan Sports's safe community.

In addition to being an excellent ambassador, he makes a tireless effort as a super volunteer in many contexts in our community. Daniel is always one of the first to stand up to take a turn for the community - both as a very active athlete in new sports, volunteering at Pan Sports 'activities during Copenhagen Pride and at many of Pan Sports' many other events.

As project manager, Søren Aare Jensen has made a tireless volunteer effort as project manager for our 30th anniversary event Pan Games in the summer of 2014. Furthermore, Søren has for a long time contributed to the association's development as a committed member of Pan Sports' board.

In his work with Pan Games, Søren has made a completely extraordinary effort, where all conditions - large and small - have been coordinated across our sports. Relationships with external partners have been nurtured and handled professionally, which i.a. result in Pan Sports receiving a video birthday greeting from the country's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and a visit from the US Ambassador Rufus Gifford during the conduct of the Pan Games.

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