With the members of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation approving our bid in March 2018, we are excited to say that Pan Idræt is hosting EuroGames 2021. Furthermore, we are excited to partner with Copenhagen Pride and invite rainbow athletes from all over the world to Copenhagen 2021: A combined celebration of EuroGames and WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmö!

We welcome people from all walks of life and all parts of our community to a massive event that puts sportsmanship and inclusivity front and center — and #YouAreIncluded.

Copenhagen 2021 will take place on the 12thto 22ndof August with EuroGames covering the dates of the 18thto 22ndof August.

With more than 5,000 participants and 27 sports planned, we can promise that EuroGames will be the major rainbow sporting event of 2021! We will put sports first and continue the EuroGames legacy of delivering professional sporting events to the rainbow sports community.

We aim to attract professional and recreational athletes alike, and besides the regular tournaments of EuroGames, we also want to host a selection of popular sporting events for spectators to break a sweat.

Here is a list of the sports that we are currently planning:

·       Aquatics: Diving, synchronized swimming, swimming, and water polo.
·       Ball sports: Basketball, dodgeball, beach volley, floorball, football (soccer), volleyball, and handball.
·       Dancing: Ballroom dancing.
·       Athletics: Cycling, running, track and field, and triathlon.
·       Racket sports: Badminton, squash, and tennis.
·       Various: Curling, bowling, chess, bridge, e-Sport, field hockey, golf and ice hockey.

You can look forward to making new friends and new memories while competing in top-notch facilities close to the city center of Copenhagen. And we promise that we will do nothing short of our absolute best to make this EuroGames a success, as we will build on the experience and knowledge we gained from hosting EuroGames in 2003, World OutGames in 2009 and PanGames in 2014 to make it a cutting-edge event.

Before EuroGames starts, leaders from the athletic community are invited to take part in a sports leader conference, where we will shine a light on the barriers that rainbow athletes face and provide tools to activists and advocates that are trying to increase the diversity and inclusivity of our community. With talks, presentations, panels and workshops, we will raise awareness and educate leaders to see sports as not only a way to living fuller and healthier lives, but also as a vehicle to push forward our agenda of equal rights for all.

Copenhagen Pride will be hosting WorldPride at the same time that we’re hosting EuroGames. So we decided to partner up and put together something truly unique. We named it Copenhagen 2021, and it will be a combined celebration of sportsmanship, love and LGBTQ equality. It is the first time ever that EuroGames and WorldPride are celebrated at the same time and in the same cities! This means that rainbow athletes taking part in EuroGames can look forward to so much more than a professional sporting event. We invite you to take part in open-air concerts, hundreds of cultural events, world-class parties, a historic human rights conference and the massive WorldPride parade. Copenhagen 2021 will be remembered as a milestone in our community and as a transformative journey for all participants.

With two open-minded and inclusive host cities, it’s hard to imagine a backdrop that would match more perfectly the legacy of EuroGames.  Athletes will be met with open arms and rainbow flags flickering from the sidelines of the courts and arenas. Our countries have a long history of championing LGBTQ rights, and that is why we also believe that EuroGames in Copenhagen and Malmö will serve as a means to reach a higher end: Breaking down barriers for rainbow athletes and fighting discrimination in the athletic community.

We know that Copenhagen 2021 is still a few years out, but we are already hard at work to make this event come together. Please stay tuned and follow our work at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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