Organizations we work with

Below you will find a selection of Pan Sports's partners.



Below you will find a selection of Pan Sports's partners.

pridelogoCopenhagen Pride

Every year, Copenhagen Priden holds a number of activities on the Town Hall Square (Pride Square) and the parade on Saturday afternoon. Pan Idræt participates in these activities.

Since 2015, Pan Idræt and Copenhagen Pride have intensified their collaboration at the founding of
our joint project organization Happy Copenhagen.


Happy Copenhagen

Happy Copenhagen is a joint project organization founded by Pan Idræt and Copenhagen
Pride. The purpose of the organization is multi-level. Until the spring of 2018, the organization will work primarilyHappy CPH Logo

with creating the conditions for Pan Idræt to offer EuroGames and Copenhagen
Pride can bid on WorldPride at an overall mega event in 2021 in Copenhagen.



The AIDS Foundation has a broader health agenda than just HIV / AIDS and is therefore a natural one aidsfondetlogo
partner for Pan Idræt in the work to increase health among LGBT people.




LGBT Denmark is the political branch of the environment. Pan Idræt and LGBT Denmark work together in it LGBT_Danmark_hi_res
extent it makes sense, for example, in the coincidence of politics and sports.



BLUS is the organization for student LGBT people and Pan Idræt has worked several times with BLUS on the purpose of getting more young LGBT people to play sports in a safe and tolerant environment.



Out & About

In the field of communication, Out & About is a close partner, where stories from Pan Sports's club life are brought both online and in the printed magazine, e.g. via Pan Idræt's regular page in the magazine.

Organizational memberships

Pan Idræt is a member of the following national and international organizations. In addition to those mentioned below, Pan Idræt is a member of a number of special federations affiliated with the individual sports.

dgi-logoDGI Greater Copenhagen

DGI Greater Copenhagen organizes sports associations in the Greater Copenhagen area and arranges activities and education within grassroots sports and association life based on the associations' volunteers. DGI Greater Copenhagen is Pan Sports's primary partner in our ongoing process of association development.

Danish societyThe Danish society

Based on the Danish cultural tradition, the Danish Society aims to spread knowledge of and the use of Dannebrog as a national symbol of Danish culture, community and identity.

Pan Idræt is a member of the Danish Society to show our support for the purpose, especially in relation to the fact that we go out into the world and often represent Denmark at international LGBT events.

EGLSF_Logo_250EGLSF - European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation

The EGLSF is the European interdisciplinary sports organization, where the vast majority of European LGBT sports clubs are organized. The organization works with sports policy issues related to LGBT sports.
The organization owns the Eurogames concept.
Pan Idræt actively supports the EGLSF's sports policy objectives and well over 100 of the association's members participate in Eurogames when these are held.

glisaGLISA - Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association

GLISA is an international cross-cutting organization focusing on sports, human rights and culture.
The organization owns the Outgames concept. The 2nd worldOutgames was held in 2009 in Copenhagen, where a number of Pan Sports members contributed with volunteer labor.
Pan Idræt actively supports GLISA's sports policy objectives, and similar to Eurogames, and so a large part of Pan Idræt's members participate in Outgames.

Links to other sports offers in the Danish LGBT community

National Friendship Clubs

Name Description
Carmen Culers (Copenhagen) Carmen Curlers is a choir for gays and lesbians. The choir was formed in 1991 and today has 25 members of all ages.
Danish D-Lite (Aarhus) Like Pan Idræt, Danish D-Lite is a multi-stranded sports association, which i.a. offers running, badminton, dancing and swimming
Homogeneous group The Homogeneous Group is a social, cultural association for gays of all ages. Together they go out to concerts, in the steakhouse, the theater, in the city, Pride and hold at least three big parties a year, preferably with live music and dance.
The gays The gays are a network of gays and bisexuals who have formed a network across a number of Danish rock clubs.
Copenhagen Kayak Club Copenhagen's Kayak Club has previously been part of Pan Sports Copenhagen, but due to the large investments that this sailing sport requires, the club is today no longer part of Pan Sports.
Lambda (Odense) Lambda is an association on Funen for gays and bisexuals as well as transgender people. The association offers a number of activities to members, including a variety of sports activities.

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