Gender policy

Danish version adopted by the general meeting on 1 April 2016. This translation is for the benefit of non-Danish speakers.

Fair Play & Inclusion

In Pan Idræt, we believe that Fair Play is superior to all other principles in sports.

Fair Play is more than just complying with the respective rules associated with organised sports. Fair Play is to show a basic respect for each other both during and outside the practice of sports.

From our historical origins, which is a sports club founded by gays and lesbians, it is in our DNA to be an inclusive sports club with a special focus on sexual diversity and gender diversity. We must at all times create a safe and open sports community based on Fair Play for everyone who joins Pan Idræt.

It is our priority that no one is subjected to direct or indirect discrimination, as long as participation in sport takes place on equal and fair terms based on Fair Play.

Gender identification is not the starting point for the way our sports teams and activities are organised, unless this is specifically determined by the sports section responsible for the activity in question. Such way of organising must be justified by sport-specific circumstances.

Concrete needs for division on the basis of gender identity

We recognise the complexity of gender identity, and accept that there may be situations, especially in connection with competitions, where it is assumed that there is a division based on gender - female and male.

Our members decide for themselves whether they want to participate as male or female. Such a choice must be consistent with the values of Fair Play.

Medical treatment with hormones is not a barrier to participation in Pan Idræt's activities, as long as the principles of Fair Play are adhered to.

In the event of disagreement regarding compliance with the Fair Play principles, it is the steering committee in the relevant sports section that decides on placement in the gender category.

The above policy does not apply to sporting events, competitions, matches, etc., if these are subject to a different policy, which follows decisions of the governing bodies to which they are subject.

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