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Sports - even if it is based on volunteering - are not free. Pan Idræt is one of the cheapest sports clubs in Denmark - we charge a fee that is much lower than most other clubs.

This is how we want it to be in the future as well - that means that it should not be your finances that dictate whether or not you can join our community.

What does the club do?

We keep the fees down by having strict financial control and by taking advantage of the economies of scale that our community creates. Pan Idræt - as a multi-sports club - simply offers great financial benefits, where the club membership fee covers all non-sport-specific expenses.

What can you do?

You can contribute in several ways in addition to the membership fee you pay. You can read more about micro-sponsorships and donations below.


Micro-sponsorships are a special way in which you, as a member, generate money for Pan Idræt via purchases online in ordinary webshops.

Specifically, the company behind Klubmodul (our membership system) has entered into a number of agreements, which means that a number of webshops will provide micro-sponsorships for Pan Idræt if you use the special platform offered by Klubmodul.

The selection of webshops is quite wide and includes a number of large and well-known webshops that many people usually shop through.

The way is quite simple. You access the system (called the marketplace) via the icon with $ (where you can also see the current list of webshops). You click on the webshop you want to shop in and then you do exactly as you usually do - the system itself registers that a micro-sponsorship must be provided for Pan Idræt.


From time to time, some of our members ask about the possibility of making a donation to Pan Idræt, e.g. for special projects or purposes. It can be either in the form of a here-and-now donation or in the form of a will.

If you want to make a donation to Pan Idræt in one of the above ways, contact our secretariat, which will put you in touch with the right people with whom you can discuss this in Pan Idræt. In the case of a donation to be made in your will, Pan Idræt's voluntary lawyer will ensure that all legal aspects are covered.

Pan Idræt's lawyer provides a discount on the preparation of wills in that context.

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