On this page you will find good advice and the rules that apply to budgeting throughout Pan Idræt.

Pan Idræt is a unified association, where the steering committee for each individual sport section must prepare a budget for the activities associated with the sport.

The steering committee is responsible for ensuring that the budget for the coming year is submitted to the board no later than 1 December.

It is the board of Pan Idræt that, via the Finance Committee, pre-approves budgets. The board assists the steering committees in the individual sports with processes around accounting, budgeting and other tasks associated with financial management.

See also the rules for the sports sections' finances and budget in the articles of association.

To make it easier for the individual steering committee to prepare a budget, use only the budget template that can be downloaded from this page.

The template has been prepared with a number of entry fields, where it is easiest to start with a fixed activity fee and the number of expected members in the coming year. Then, only those lines for income and expenses that are relevant to the sport need to be completed.

Pan Idræt's financial system contains accounts and balance sheets so that the figures for “Profit for the year last financial year” and “Current surplus / deficit in the section account” can be entered into the template to show the expected cash balance at the end of the financial year.

It is also in the financial system that last year's budget can be seen and compared alongside the current accounting figures.

Pan Idræt's financial system is e-conomic. If you do not have a password, please contact the office.

Download budget template

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