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Welcome to what is probably the best club in the world. Welcome to more than 25 different sports, to new friends and exercise!

Come try our teams before signing up.

Contact the team(s) you wish to join before signing up – the next season might be right around the corner. Contact information for each sport is found here.

A sports club where you can be yourself

When you join us you’ll find that we are a safe space for being yourself.

We value inclusion and strong friendships as crucial aspects of our club  – regardless of which sport you play or activity you take part in.

Friendships in the whole club

In Pan Idræt you won’t just find a community in your sports section. You’ll find it in the whole club.

Each sports section meets regularly to play, practice or train.

We also hold events for all, such as our traditional Christmas dinner and party and monthly get-togethers.

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Club fee

Membership in Pan Idræt costs 415kr a year with automatic renewal at the beginning of January each year. If you join after 1 July then you pay a reduced fee for the remainder of the year you join. The basic membership fee is known as club fee – “klubkontingent”.

Club fee covers our central costs such as setting up new activities, fees for access to city facilities, marketing, insurance, administration and much more.

Sports fees

Once you have joined Pan Idræt and paid your club fee then you need to pay for the activities you want to do. Most sports have an additional fee of between 300kr and 500kr per half year which covers costs such as  trainers and coaches and the courses they attend, social activities, equipment etc.

Good to know

Once you have joined Pan Idræt then your membership continues automatically until you cancel. That means that your membership will be renewed automatically every year in January. The system will send you a reminder to tell you how much will be charged to the payment card you have given us.

Remember that if you do not cancel in time, you are obliged to pay.

In Pan Idræt we believe in paying our fees on time, as chasing unpaid fees costs time and money and at the end of the day leads to increased fees for everyone. Fair play means paying on time, so we have a strict but fair policy for members who don’t pay on time.

Here you will answers to some of the questions we often receive from potential members

Q: Can toy try Pan Idræt for free?
Yes, most activities in Pan Idræt allow you to try the sport for free two times. However there are some activities with higher costs than the average sport in Pan Idræt. You should contact the sport you wish to try and ask them for more information.

Q: When and where does the training take place?
We have activities all 7 days of the week at different times. You can find the times and locations for each sport here

Q: What advantages besides the sport do I get as a member of Pan Idræt?
Besides all the sports activities we have many social events in the sports groups and across the entire club.

In addition to that we have a concept we call Pan Plus. As a member you can get discounts on a number of services and products.

Q: Do you have a fitness center?
Pan Idræt doesn’t have its own fitness center – but we do get a discount at Fitnessdk

Q: Why should I pay both club fee and sports fee?
Pan Idræt is one club with a variety of activities. Having a common club fee ensures that we can achieve economies of scale by consolidating all common spending. This helps to keep the overall price of our sports down. Common expenses include development of new sports, cost of municipal facilities, administration, marketing etc.
The few expenses that are very sport-specific, such as competition fees, equipment and education of coaches are paid via payment on each sports team.

Q: How long do I bind myself to membership of the Pan Idræt?
Your basic membership follows the calendar year and the sports fees follow varying seasons, check each sport. Your membership renews until you let us know that you no longer wish to be a member  You must therefore make sure you opt out, it is not enough just to avoid paying.

Q: Does it cost anything to cancel the membership fee?
No, there is no fee associated with the canceling your membership of Pan Idræt.
You just fill out this form (LINK IS NOT READY)
Remember to consider if one of the many other sports in the Pan Idræt might be interesting for you before any withdrawal.

Where and to whom can I ask questions that are not answered here?
If you have any sport specific questions about training then you should contact the relevant sport.
If you have questions regarding your membership, questions of a general nature then you should contact the administration at – it is also the administration you should contact if you do not know where to ask, then they will help you find the right person who can answer your questions.


Daniel: ”Pan is much more than training and competitions for me. It’s where I have my friends and my social life. And it’s also a safe space for me to be who I am.

I’ve really got a kick out of making so many new friends. When I go to training or parties in the club then I’m always sure that I’ll meet someone I know and like.

I really improved my sport too, From being a beginner knowing nothing on the first day I took part to today when I take part in lots of different competitions such as badminton. It’s also really cool that so many sports are gathered together in one club. It makes it easy and really flexible for members and I’ve been able to try lots of different sports. I go to some form of activity or sport in the club almost every day.”


Pia: ”For me, Pan is about strong friendships contributing to so many positive things in the LGBT community. So yes, it’s clearly  enormously valuable for me that Pan Idræt is primarily for LGBT people. I have met so many fantastically nice and inspiring people and it’s cool to know that they share my interests. Yoga in Pan helps give me more mental and physical energy, inner calm and balance in my day-to-day life. And so it’s also a big plus to be part of a club where people are really committed to each other and want to be part of the community.”

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