About Pan Plus


You will find all the membership benefits below. Click on the logos below to read more.

Pan Idræt has many supporters in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg who want to give you as a member, good offers you can use in your sport or in your everyday life.

When you show your membership card in the Klubmodul app, you also help to ensure that the supporters help us when we have competitions, parades and activities. A Win-Win situation we call Pan Plus.

The Klubmodul app can be downloaded in both iTunes Store and Google Play


What is PanPlus?

PanPlus is a membership and sponsorship programme where you can get discounts and offers from our various partners, sponsors and supporters. When you buy goods or services from one of the businesses in the programme, you help to ensure that they also support Pan Idræt with gifts, goods or services when we hold competitions, parades or other events.

How can I benefit from the offers?

Bring your membership card to the store and show it to the staff. The staff can tell you what offers and discounts you can get. Under each individual agreement (menu on the left) you can read what the agreement contains. Note that there may be additional offers in the store to those mentioned here.

Where can I get my membership card?

NOTE! We no longer provide printed membership cards! Your membership card is only in the Klubmodul app you need to download to your phone.

Can I get a discount without a membership card?

The businesses do not have access to our membership list and cannot therefore check if you are a member. It is therefore up to the business whether they will give you a discount without seeing your membership card. Once you have your membership card, it is proof that you are a member.

Will Pan Idræt be notified of which purchases I make?

No, Pan Idræt does not exchange data with the businesses. Your purchases are a only a matter between you and the business! 

How do I make a complaint about products and services?

Pan Idræt is not and cannot be held responsible for purchases, trades or unfulfilled expectations even if you have received a membership discount. We have a dialogue with the business about how things are going and are happy to hear about to your experience, but we cannot get involved in consumer disputes. 

For companies

Pan Plus is a benefits programme for mutual benefits for Pan Idræt's members and the businesses that participate in the programme.

Pan Idræt offers the businesses that participate in the programme the opportunity to market to over 1000 members with relevant offers, services and products.

We attach great importance to the members finding the participating businesses relevant, so that mutual benefits are actually achieved. That is why we control the access to market to our members, so we can avoid spam - and thereby devaluation of the benefits programme.

We only include offers, services and products in the benefits programme which are compatible with Pan Idræt's overall values as an inclusive and open sports club.

Marketing opportunities

  • Periodic exposure in our monthly newsletter
  • Periodic exposure on the front / front banner of
  • Periodic exposure on Pan Idræt's social media channels
  • Permanent presence in the Pan Plus universe on

You are always welcome to contact Pan Idræt's office at to hear more about the Pan Plus programme.

In Pan Idræt we have electronic membership cards.

Our membership system is called Klubmodul - and there is an app with the same name in both Apple's App Store and Google's "Google Play"

To get your membership card, download the app to your smartphone.

Then select "Anden Sportsgren" and then find "Pan Idræt" in the list.

Your Username and Password are the same as for your member profile.
If you do not remember your code, you can always press "Forgot password" and reset the code.

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