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Rugby Core Values: Passion – Respect – Discipline – Teamwork – Sportsmanship 

Rugby is a sport where everyone is welcome. No matter your body type, age, sexuality and gender identity. There is place on the field for you. That is one of the aspects of the game we love: each person brings a skill and body type that is needed. It is through our values of teamwork, discipline, passion and respect that we forge these players into a team.

At first glance, rugby appears to be a rough, incomprehensible game but as you learn to play it will become simple to understand and eventually instinctual. It will challenge you, both mentally and physically, and it leaves many amazed at what their bodies can do, and what they are willing do for their teammates. After a match, there may be scratches and bruises, but also a feeling of pride for having given 100% to your teammates.

A game lasts 80 minutes and consists of 30 players (15 players per side) on the field and of course a referee. The goal is to move the ball into the opponent goal zone and score a “try” by touching the ball down in-goal. The catch is that it is forbidden to pass the ball forward. The ball must be advanced by passing it backwards and then running forward or kicking it. This is where all the different body types are needed (big & strong, fast & agile, small & wily) to counter the defence who is trying to stop the advance by tackling the ball carrier. After a tackle or on a penalty both teams will engage in a “ruck” or “scrum” to contest for possession of the ball by driving the other team off. Points are award for scoring a “try” or for kicking the ball through the opponent’s goalposts.

Rugby is a physically and mentally demanding sport with a lot of body contact through tackling. Protective gear is limited and therefore there is strong focus on fitness and the players’ sporting behaviour. The game is commonly referred to as “a hooligan’s sport played by gentlemen”.

On of the best aspects of rugby is that no matter the result of the game or how hard it was played, both teams will join the “3rd Half” to socialize over a beer. The social aspect is just as important as the physical. We work hard on the field and laugh about it with our new friends at the pub afterwards. Rugby players are very passionate and proud of their sport and those who play it. It is because of these shared experience on and off the field that when you join rugby, you join a community where you will find instant friends all around the globe.


When and where

Winter (Off-Season) Training (November 1 – March 31)

Vesterbro Ny Skole

Every Saturday

Ny Carlsberg vej 35

1760 København V

15:00 – 17:00


Summer (In-Season) training (April 1 – October 31)

Holmens Idrætsanlæg

Every Monday and Wednesday

Arsenalvej 6

1436 København K

18:00 – 20:00

Ellebjerg skole

Holmens Idrætsanlæg



Dues for rugby are 50 DKK per month. Fees are billed for 6 months two times a year.


A rugby membership requires that you are also a member of Pan Idræt. A Pan Idræt membership costs 390 DKK yearly. If you are already a member of any other Pan Idræt team, you do not need to pay the fee again to join rugby.


Play hard, Party hard…

In rugby, the social aspects are just as important, maybe more so, as the training and matches. The game through its reliance on teamwork, its requirement that all 15 players give 100%, its intensity and the joy of the physical contest creates an incredible bond between players that cannot be limited to the white lines of the pitch. It is often said that if you are looking for friends then join a rugby club and you have will, 15 new mates, after the first training. After you play your first match you feel an instant bond to any rugby player you meet anywhere in the world. It is not just words but rugby can become a way of life and most players often become close friends.

Very often the players will be seen out having a quiet pint only to have collected the rest of the team while crawling from bar to bar. We try to have several social functions a month in addition to the pub (e.g. movie night, biking, exploring CPH, BBQ) all year long so there is never a dull moment when you join the rugby team.

The third half is an unavoidable party. It is a celebration after every game where both teams drink together, sing bawdy songs and revel in the pride of a match well played … win or lose. No musical talent is needed though some sense of a melody is appreciated by all within earshot and a strict requirement to remember all the words. The punishment for lapses is typically chugging a beer.

Rugby events may be loud and rowdy affairs which has created an unfortunate and inaccurate reputation. While most players tend to be quite large, are not necessarily lookers, party hard and can bellow out a song verse to peel paint off a wall they are rarely aggressive off the pitch and most are truly quite charming when sober … unlike some other sports football.

Steering Committee in Rugby

Jimmy Knud Christensen

Jimmy Knud Christensen


Joseph Steven Vollmar

Joseph Steven Vollmar

Head Coach

Peter Munk

Peter Munk


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