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Welcome to one of the strongest communities you will ever find. We are your sports club, where friendships, health and exercise thrive among our over 1000 members spread across our more than 25 different sports.

Come to a trial session before you register and remember to contact the steering committee for the sport or sports you want to play before registering.

You will find the contact information here.


A sports club where you can be yourself

As a member, you will find that we focus on sport taking place in a safe environment where you can be completely free to be yourself. We value inclusion and strong friendships as crucial elements in our club - no matter which sport you participate in.

Community across sports

Pan Idræt is both a community with your sports team and a community throughout the whole club. You meet your teammates for the weekly training sessions and at competitions. We all gather at a number of events throughout the year, e.g. Copenhagen Pride and our traditional Christmas party, which is a regular feature for many members.


Members say


Daniel: “Pan Idræt is much more than training and competitions for me. This is where I have my friends and my social life. Pan Idræt is also reassurance for me that I can be myself.
It has given me the wildest kick with all the new friends I have made in Pan Idræt, so when I go to training or a party in the club, I am always sure to meet many of the people I care about.
As regards sport, I have really developed - from being a beginner and knowing nothing, I participate today in various tournaments, including with badminton. Incidentally, it is really cool that there are so many sports offerings gathered in one and the same club. It makes it easy to be flexible and I get to try several sides of myself - almost every day I go to some sport in the club "

Daniel testimonial

Pia: For me, Pan Idræt is about our strong communities which contribute so much positively in the LGBT community. So yes, it is clearly a value to me that Pan Sports is primarily aimed at LGBT people.
I meet so many amazingly lovely and inspiring people and it's cool to know they share my interests. Yoga in Pan Idræt helps improve my mental and physical health and create calm and balance in my everyday life.
And then it just gives the extra to be involved in sports where people are involved in each other and really want to be part of the community. ”

Daniel testimonial

Pan People

Everyone is welcome in Pan Idræt, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Our Pan People campaign is intended to inspire you to enjoy your sport even more.


Club fees

A membership of Pan Idræt costs DKK 390 per year and is automatically renewed at the beginning of the each calendar year. We call this fee the "club membership fee".
If you register after 1 July, you pay a reduced fee of DKK 195 to cover the rest of the calendar year.

Klubkontingentet dækker vores fælles omkostninger, som fx udvikling af nye idrætsgrene, reklame og markedsføring, forsikringer, administration, bogholderi og meget mere.

Sports activity fees

Once you have joined Pan Idræt, you can participate in our activities. Most sports have a sport activity fee, which covers the expenses for coaching fees, training of coaches, social activities on the individual sports teams and much more.

In other words, the payment for sports activities covers all the expenses which are not central costs covered by the club membership fee.

It differs from sport to sport, and when and how much is charged. Typically, you should expect between 300 - 500 DKK twice a year - but check out the specific prices on the members' digital self-service platform.

Worth knowing about us

Pan Idræt is a sports club where you are a member from when you join until when you tell us you wish to leave. That mean that your membership is automatically renewed every year in early January. You will receive an email in advance informing you that your membership will be renewed soon, and if you no longer wish to be a member you must inform us before the payment is charged to your card. You can also cancel at any time and your membership will cease once the period you have paid for expires. If you don't cancel in time, you are obliged to pay. We do not give refunds.

In Pan Idræt, it is an agreed principle that you pay your membership fee on time, as an unpaid membership fee simply passes the expenses onto those who do pay - and that is not fair play.

Questions and answers

Here you will find answers to some of the questions we often get from new members before they sign up.

Q: Can I try Pan Idræt for free?
Yes, the vast majority of activities in Pan Idræt can be tried twice for free. However, this does not apply to all activities, as some activities are have higher operating expenses. Ask the steering committee for the relevant activity. In general, you should not just turn up without contacting the steering committee in advance unless they have advertised an "open house" type event. here.

Q: Why so I have to indicate whether I am “male” or “female” when creating a profile?
Det er vi heller ikke tilfredse med – men det er desværre ikke Pan Idræt, der alene bestemmer hvilke oplysninger myndighederne kræver af en folkeoplysende godkendt forening som ønsker adgang til de offentlige faciliteter. I den forbindelse skal vi oplyse antallet af medlemmer, fordelt på blandt andet det juridiske køn, alder osv. Derfor er vi forpligtet til at bede nye medlemmer registrere deres juridiske køn. Vi spørger ellers ikke til det – og som et forsøg på at komme rundt om problematikken har vi tilføjet et ekstra felt hvor man frivilligt kan skrive sin kønsidentitet.

Q: Why do you ask about people's sexuality?
I Pan Idræt spørger vi folk om deres seksualitet fordi klubbens formål er at skabe et tryg og inkluderende idrætsmiljø for alle uanset seksualitet og kønsidentitet. Dette er således en af de måder vi måler på om vi lykkedes med opgaven. Tilsvarende spørger vi også om folks kønsidentitet.

Q: Where and when does the training take place?

In Pan Idræt we have sports activities 7 days a week at many different times. You can find a list of training locations and times on the individual sports pages here.

Q: What are the benefits, in addition to sports, of being a member of Pan Idræt?
In addition to all the sports activities, Pan Idræt has great social commitment, both in the sports sections and across the whole club. We meet regularly for Pan Events and annually for parties in connection with the general meeting, summer party, Copenhagen Pride, Christmas party and for competitions.

In addition, we have a concept we call Pan Plus. Here, as a member, you can get a discount on a number of offers in Copenhagen.

Q: Do you have a gym?
Pan Idræt does not have its own fitness centre - it is simply too expensive to have one located centrally in Copenhagen.

Q: Why do I have to pay both club membership fees and fees for sports teams?
Pan Idræt is a community around openness, tolerance and a safe framework for sports.
We are one unified club, where all the expenses that make sense to handle jointly are covered by the club membership fee. It gives us economies of scale, which help keep the overall price of our sport down. Joint expenses include the development of new sports, administration, accounting, marketing, etc.
The few expenses that are very sports-specific, eg fees and training of coaches are paid via the activity fee to the individual sports sections.

Q: How long do I commit to Pan Idræt membership?
Your membership always runs until the end of the calendar year. If you do not proactively cancel, your membership will continue automatically in the next period. You must therefore make sure to send us a cancellation. If you do not pay and do not cancel before the payment is due, you will have a debt to us which will need to be paid before you can rejoin at any time in the future.

Q: Does it cost anything to cancel?
No, there is no fee associated with cancelling your membership of Pan Idræt.
Remember to consider whether one of the many other sports in Pan Idræt might be of interest to you before you leave us.

Where and to whom can I ask questions that are not answered here?
If you have sports-specific questions about training or events that are related to a specific activity, please contact the relevant steering committee.
If you have questions regarding your membership, questions of a general nature, please contact the office - it is also the office you can contact if you do not know where to ask. They will find the right contact person.


Worth knowing


Here you can read more about the important conditions attached to a membership of Pan Idræt.

We are a unified sports club
Pan Idræt is what is called a multi-sports club. This means that your membership - no matter what sport you go to - is in Pan Idræt. The individual sections / sports (regardless of whether they are called "Pan" by first name or not) are different teams within Pan Idræt.

When you join Pan Idræt, you agree to comply with our rules and bylaws and the decisions made by the governing bodies of Pan Idræt, e.g. Pan Idræt's Board or the steering committee in the section where you play sport. Examples of decisions that apply to all members can be found in our policies.

Automatic renewal of membership

It is a condition for membership of Pan Idræt that you are use a payment card, e.g. Dankort or Visa / Mastercard and use this when registering for payment of the membership fee.

Upon registration, your payment card is linked to automatic membership fee payment and your membership is automatically renewed until you cancel. By looking under "my registrations" on the member login you cabn see when the next payment will be charged for the individual sports. The club membership for Pan Idræt is always charged at the beginning of the year.

Membership fees and team payments will not be refunded once paid. The moment a payment deadline is exceeded, you have a debt to us and are not entitled to take part in activities until you have paid the debt. This applies no matter how much you use your membership in Pan Idræt. If you wish to rejoin later, you will still need to pay the debt.

Termination of membership always takes place with effect from the next club membership period - ie the next calendar year,.If you cancel your membership in the month of July, your membership will still run until 31 December.


Pan Idræt is covered by a collective insurance. These insurances cover the club as a whole and our coaches.

Furthermore, we have a collective sports travel insurance. You can hear more about it if you write to the office at

The insurance we cannot you as a member in connection with accidents, injuries to training, etc .. Here you must make sure that your insurance conditions are in order. Do you practice one of our more physical sports, e.g. boxing or martial arts you should make sure that these sports are covered by your insurance policies.


Pan Idræt we work with the inclusion of people in sports communities, as we know that it is the way to a better quality of life both physically and socially. We have a very special focus on sexual diversity and gender diversity.

The history of Pan Sports starts back in 1984, based on the AIDS epidemic, where a group of gays wanted to swim together. It has since evolved to include many different activities and a wider membership than just gays - and we are constantly working to become better at reaching out to new member groups, which will be an active and constructive part of our community.

Special focus on trans people
We have decided to work purposefully to increase our membership among trans people, as we can see that this group in numerous health surveys has the same challenges as homosexuals in relation to physical and social well-being.

Our sports teams have different profiles - on very few of them - gender is a marker based on the specific sport. We do not interfere in members' gender perceptions, as this is a private matter. You can possibly check out our gender policy by clicking here. With us, you can participate in all sports teams, as long as it is fair play.

For many trans people, questions and insecurities can arise that deter one from starting to practice a sport. We therefore have a collaboration with a trans person who acts as an ambassador in relation to establishing contact with our departments so that you can start in a safe environment.

You can write to the ambassador by e-mail - our ambassador has a duty of confidentiality and treats all inquiries confidentially.


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