About Pan Boxing

The training is a combination of strength and cardio training. We start with warm-up and continue with relays, circuit training and training with sandbags and kick pads. We use elements from boxing, and get a whole body workout - and you can count on being completely exhausted afterwards.

There is no contact between the participants, and so there is no need to be afraid of getting any bruises. Non-contact boxing is a hard form of exercise, but at the same time also a form of exercise most people can take part in almost regardless of level. Virtually all the exercises we do are available in a light version (eg pushups on the knees, skips instead of running, light strikes instead of hard, etc.). Conversely, if you are in good shape, you will not lack challenges, as you control how hard you work.

If you are a beginner, you can expect instruction in common boxing techniques so that you can box on a sandbag without getting injured.


Where and when


Day: Thursday Time: 19.00-21.30 Address: Ny Hollændervej school, Hollændervej 3, 1855 Frederiksberg C.

You have to enter from Hollændervej, down along the bicycle parking lot and into the schoolyard. At the very end of the schoolyard is the school's gymnasium - our hall is on the lower level. There is a large shared dressing room and showers as well as a storage room with our equipment. The gymnasium is shared with others and we have bought sandbags and loose equipment (impact pads, skipping ropes, etc.). . If you have special needs, or questions about the changing facilities, then get in touch. Unfortunately, there are no lockable in the changing room, so bring your things down to the gym.



Boksning koster pt. 350 kr pr. sæson.

In addition, you need to have paid membership of Pan Idræt at DKK 390 per year.

Trial class


Feel free to come to a trial lesson and find out if boxing training is for you!

Write to us and say when you want to come so we can be ready to welcome you.

What should I bring?

  • Comfortable sportswear you can move freely in
  • Indoor shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Boxing gloves (there are gloves for loan to beginners)


  • A small towel to wipe sweat off your forehead
  • Towel and change of clothes


The social aspect is a big part of Pan Boxing - something you do not find to the same extent in other boxing offers in fitness centres. You can count on meeting many of the same people from time to time and there is a good sense of inclusion. We are a broad group, both in terms of gender, age and skills.

We go out and eat after every last workout of the month - you are of course also welcome even though you may not be able to attend the workout that day.

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Steering Committee for Pan Boxing


Steering committee member

Steering committee member


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