About Dodgeball

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional ball player or a total newbie .

Dodgeball, which may be the funniest sport in Pan Idræt, is for ALL.
We are a very mixed team of gay, straight, bi, trans, and probably a lot more sexualities, but that is not our focus.
We play to have fun, and the tone on, and outside the court is both ironic, humoristic, and sarcastic. We have a good team spirit and a lot of social activities and parties when we are not playing.
You don´t have to have any previous experience, you can just show up and take a shot at it, or you can just come as a spectator, although we will probably try to convince you to play with us 😉
Its a high energy team sport, and it can be rough at times, which means that you risk getting hit in the head by a ball or maybe sprain a finger.
A game usually lasts 2-10 minutes.
We switch teams many times during the evening, and have defied the traumatic high school humiliations, by developing a system that prevents any one from being chosen last, and displayed as a bad player.
We have a unisex locker room/shower, but everyone showers at home after the game. There is also a toilet with the possibility of changing in private íf you wish to do so.
Everybody is welcome.
We look forward to see you.
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When and Where


Autumn, Winter & Spring (September – June)

Monday: 6.30 – 8.30 PM

Wednesday: 6.00 – 8.00 PM

Location: Lindevangsskolen – P. G. Ramms Allé 26, 2000 Frederiksberg

(Enter from Ewaldsensvej) 



Summer training 

During the summer with play dodgeball in the cages at Sønder Boulevard and by Carlsberg Station.
We’ll announce the specific days once we get closer to the Summer.
There are several cages to play in and we play in whatever cage is availeble. You’ll find out in the Facebook group.



We are planning to participate in Sin City Shootout in Las Vegas. It takes place in January 2018. More info will follow.


100 kr. every 6 months

Additionally, there is club fee for Pan Idræt which 340 kr. every year.

Steering Committee for Pan Dodgeball

Claus Christensen

Thomas Bickham

Sergio Llorian



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