About floorball in Pan Idræt


Floorball is a team sport in the hockey family with field players and a goalkeeper on each team. You play with sticks and a plastic ball with holes on an indoor court. Most people know the sport from leisure club or school as "indoor hockey" or "hockey" or from its Swedish name of "innebandy".

It is a fun, fast sport with many goals, and that is probably why it is the fastest growing team sport in Denmark.

We are really proud that as a new sport in Pan Idræt we have already created a cosy atmosphere and a welcoming group, where there is always room for new members, women and men, experienced as unexperienced. Our experience is that even if you have not played sports before, you will fit in nicely with our floorball club and that you pretty quickly get a sense of where it is good to place yourself on the court, and how to play. It is first and foremost f***ing fun: o)

Then get out your training kit and come for a trial lesson with us. We have spare sticks that you can borrow at the beginning.

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Where and when


Tuesdays at 19:30 - 22:00 in Langelinieskolen - new gymnasium, Holsteinsgade 41, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Thursdays at 20:00 - 22:00 in Tove Ditlevsen School - Hallen, Matthæusgade 33, 1670 Copenhagen V

Throughout the summer, we train outdoors every Tuesday 19-21 at Nyboder School's mulithal, Østervoldgade 15, 1350 Copenhagen



DKK 250 per half year
In addition, you need to have paid for membership of Pan Idræt at DKK 390 per year.


Steering committee for Floorball

Mads Zwick Bulken

Mads Zwick Bulken


Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen

Jonas Svensson

Jonas Svensson