About Pan Football

Pan Football is recruiting new members right now. If you want to hear more, write to us at fodbold@panidraet.dk

Pan Football was established in 2000, and since 2005 the club has been registered for tournaments with the Danish Football Association's Copenhagen branch.
We come first and foremost to play football. But having a good social community also means a lot. We strive to have room for players of all levels, whether you are a beginner or want to play football at an ambitious level.

Training and matches

Through our various teams, we try to create space for everyone who wants to play in Pan Football. We do our best to make each other better at playing football and to strengthen the community.
The training takes place in a positive atmosphere, where there is room to practice and make mistakes.
We have approx. 50 members. We have players of all ages, mostly gays, but also several heterosexual, non-binary and transgender people.

In home tournaments we have both an 11 man and a 7 man team. We strive to assert ourselves in the ranks we play in.
We participate every year in international gay tournaments. Among other things, we have been to Rome, Dublin, London, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Miami, Manchester, Prague, Barcelona, Budapest, Iceland, etc. Here we have won a large number of trophies and medals and do our best every time, although we also place a lot of emphasis on having fun and partying.
We always have a great atmosphere and high spirits. It is on these trips that we especially experience the special thing about playing in a gay football club, that we meet other gay football clubs and that we have a lot of great times together.

Social events

The social aspect is important to us. Pan Football is an active club and regularly organises pub crawls, parties and various social events
On our official Facebookpage you can read a little about our tournaments and travels.

Pan Football is a football club that includes everyone around the joy of playing football. At the same time, we want to draw attention on homophobia in Danish football.

In recent years, we have participated in a number of debates in the media about homophobia in the world of football. It was to great cheers for us when Viktor Fischer, as a professional football player, took a stand and distanced himself publicly from the homophobic shouts from the stands. A topic we have covered for several years and therefore we also participated in the debate on Danish TV: Aftenshowet, TV2: Go'aften Danmark, TV3 +: Superliga XL and a number of other media.


Where and when

We have training both outdoors and indoors.

Wednesday training at DR Byen

The training takes place on the artificial turf pitch at DR Byen. We split teams and play a cosy match.

Thursday training in Valby sports park (Summer only)

Our Thursday training is definitely training, which is targeted at our tournament team. The exercises take place at a high pace and with a high intensity. We always finish up with a quick match. During the tournament periods, cancellations may occur, depending on our match schedule.
We strive to train outdoors all year round, however, with a short break around New Year.

Sunday fun
Every Sunday we play a fun match. In the summer in DR Byen and in the winter on the plastic pitch in Hafniahallen. We split into 2 teams, which then play a match for about an hour and a half. Here everyone can join and we meet across all teams.

Joining us

We regularly take in new members, so you are very welcome to contact us for more information.
Når du melder skal ind i Pan Fodbold, skal du betale et årligt kontingent til Pan Idræt på 390,-kr og så skal du betale to halvårlige kontingenter á 400,-kr til Pan Fodbold. Indmeldelse sker via Pan Idræts hjemmeside: panidraet.dk/da/bliv-medlem
Once you have signed up, you will be set up on holdsport.dk, from where you sign up for training, matches and other events.
The membership fees for football go to training equipment, balls, social activities, etc.



The activity fee for Pan Football is DKK 400 per. half year.

In addition, you need to have paid for membership of Pan Idræt at DKK 390 per year.


Pan Football is looking for new sponsors - we can offer:

  • A two-year sponsorship contract with the possibility of extension.
  • Company logo on player clothes, warm-up shirts, travel sets, etc.
  • Visibility of your company on Pan Football's SoMe; Facebook, Instagram and our website

Media exposure 2020

TV2 Lorry will make 5 portrait programs of the club of 5 × 5 minutes duration from 2020, as well as a longer feature in connection with World Pride and Eurogames 2021.

Pan Football participates in the public debate

In the past year, we have participated in various debates and have been in the following media:

  • DR1: The evening show - debate about Victor Fischer
  • TV3 +: Superliga XL - player portrait of a member
  • TV2: Go'aften Danmark - Homosexuality in the Super League
  • Local newspapers and TV2 Lorry: HIK and Pan Football enter into collaboration
  • Canal9: Superliga Prelude - Homophobia
  • Politics: Homophobia
  • Ekstrabladet and BT Live

In addition, we have made a presentation for FCN's super league team


Steering committee for Pan Football


Steering committee member

Steering committee member


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