About football for women in Pan Idræt

Pan Football for women is a relatively new team which started in the spring of 2016. The team is therefore full of fresh energy, new faces and openness to how the team will develop in the long run. As the team is composed at the moment, we play good friendly football, but combined with serious training and a committed fighter attitude when we play matches.

Training: We train approx. 1.5 hours each session, the first half of which is warm-up, running, technique and / or strength training. In the last half of the training we play a match against each other. In the winter we train in the brand new Hafnia-Hal in Valby and in the summer we train in Valby Idrætspark, see the addresses under the tab 'where and when'.
Note: We always recommend the use of shin pads, to reduce any injuries.

Level and age: We are women of all ages and at all levels. We are women who have played football before and some who have just started or have never tried it before.

Tournaments: We have played tournaments in recent years with a 7 woman team. The goal is to win matches and become a stronger team through it. It is of course up to you whether if you want to participate in the matches, or if you only want to come to training for fun.

Social: Although the team is relatively mixed in age group, we have managed to create a very social and fun atmosphere, both for training and off the field. There have been several occasions to meet over a soda or a beer after training. We also have a party committee that proposes many ideas for several upcoming events. There have been events such as. Barbecue evening, European Championship football on television, Pride Parade, various "round" birthdays, Christmas party and spontaneous pub crawls.

How do you get started?  You just show up for training one evening or you can send an email to kfodbold@panidraet.dk and we'll agree when you can come. You may also see our Facebook group: Pan Football - for women, where you can get to meet the players and possibly inquire about a training evening or other things. Read more on the facebook page.

Facebook: On our Facebook page, invitations are also regularly posted for the upcoming training evenings, where you are welcome to sign up. The registration should preferably take place before 12:00 on the training day in question, as the coach organises the training based on how many players show up for training.


Where and when

Summer training:

Wednesday Kl. 18:30 - 20:00 - Hafnia-Hallen, Julius Andersens Vej 6, 2450 København SV (see card)

Winter training:

Wednesday at 18:30 - 20:00 - Hafnia-Hallen, Julius Andersens Vej 6, 2450 København SV (see card)

The indoor training starts in week 43, and we are inside until around 1 April.



The activity fee for Pan Football for women is DKK 400 per half year.

Members are required to join Pan Idræt first (195 DKK per six months).


Steering group for women's football

 Fjóla Björk Samúelsdóttir

Fjóla Björk Samúelsdóttir


 Marie Gnialliw Johannsen

Marie Gnialliw Johannsen

Treasurer and steering committee member

Henriette Kristensen

Henriette Kristensen

Steering committee member


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