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Come out and play with us!

Pan Golf was founded one autumn evening in 2006. The purpose then as now was to gather LGBTQ+ golfers for shared experiences on and off the course. We are approximately 40 active members, which is a wonderful mix of good players (low handicap), players who train hard to improve and others who simply enjoy the sport, the outdoors and camaraderie.

Our season begins in late winter with indoor simulation-golf and optional group lessons with a professional golf instructor. Our on-course season runs from April to October. Most of our weekday play takes place at Smørum Golf club. We have chosen Smørum due to the wide range of play options for both beginners and experienced players. There is the also the opportunity to play approximately 10 weekend matches on different courses over Zealand.

As a beginner golfer you can play Smørum’s Par-3 course without having a club membership or Danish Golf Union card (DGU handicap card).

For experienced golfers with a DGU card, Pan Golf arranges matches on the Intermediate course, as well as 9- and 18-hole matches at Smørum Golf Club and weekend play on other golf courses on Zealand.

I you don’t have a (DGU) card or have other questions do not hesitate to contact Pan Golf Steering Committee for suggestions on how you can acquire one: golf@panidraet.dk golf@panidraet.dk

We are committed to increasing our membership and whether you are an experienced golfer or completely new to the sport, Pan Golf welcomes you.

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Where and when

Pan Golf has a private Facebook group where you can see our latest calendar of events.

We invite you to join: Facebook 


Matches and events

Pan Golf Weekday matches alternates between Smørum’s golf courses: Par 3 for beginners, Intermediate course and 9 holes long course for DGU players.

See more and sign up here: LINK

18-hole weekend matches are arranged approximately every 3 weeks on various courses on Zealand from April to October.

The calendar can be seen under the pinned notices in our Pan Golf Facebook group: Pan Golf Facebook group

Additionally, once a year we plan a weekend golf trip to places like southern Sweden or the island of Fyn.

Social activities:

After playing our round of golf we often eat together at the golf club where we have played to review the round, perhaps have a rule quiz and relax. We feel this “19th-Hole” is an important part of Pan Golf and hope you will join us. Additionally, we hold Summer Parties and a Christmas party where all can participate.


Aktivitetsgebyret for Pan Golf er 100 kr. per halve år. Halv pris, hvis du tilmelder dig efter 1. juli.

In addition, members are required to join Pan Idræt at 390 kr. per year.

You are welcome to join us for two events before you decide to join Pan Golf.

Come out and play!


Golf Expenses

In contrast to what you may have heard it doesn’t have to be expensive to begin playing golf - especially on the Par-3 course. Golf clubs are available to rent for approximately 50 kr. To play you will need to bring a golf glove, tees, a ball marker and some balls. At most courses you can play in sneakers and casual clothing. However, most golf courses have stricter dress codes requiring collared shirts and slacks other than jeans or jogging wear.

The main investment is when you want to play 9- or 18-hole courses. Most golf courses in Denmark require you to have a handicap card with Dansk Golf Union (DGU) before you are eligible to play. In many cases you need to join a club to earn the card and keep your card. For those new to golf many golf clubs offer 8-week golf training programs for beginner golfers to earn a card which cost around 2.000 kr.

Annual golf memberships to maintain your DGU card and play other courses can range from DKK 598 per year for on-line clubs up to 8.000 kr. for full memberships. Obviously, the membership costs vary widely on club choice and play options.

If you would like to learn more about golf expenses, club memberships and handicaps, you are very welcome to contact us for further information: golf@panidraet.dk golf@panidraet.dk

Weekday Pan Golf player fees range from 112 kr - 142 kr

Weekend Pan Golf player fees are from 360 kr - 400 kr

If you would like to play a round of golf to see if it is something for you, you are very welcome to contact us at golf@panidraet.dk golf@panidraet.dk

Pan Golf Pro Training

At least once a year we arrange group lessons with professional golf pro. The discounted group lessons are offered in late winter or early spring.

We also recommend that beginner players consider joining an 8-week golf training program that many golf clubs offer to learn the basics of the sport.

For more information contact us: golf@panidraet.dk

Sign up for available training here: LINK


Steering Committee for Pan Golf

Mikkel Dresler

Mikkel Dresler


Birgitte Høg

Birgitte Høg


Kirsten Movsing

Kirsten Movsing

Steering committee member

Tina Tingleff

Tina Tingleff

Steering committee member

Judy Williams

Judy Williams

Steering committee member


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