About Hockey in Pan Idræt

Copenhagen Black Swans is the field hockey team in Pan Idræt. The team was established in november 2011.

Field hockey is both good cardio training and trains your coordination. You get a lot of exercise and everyone can participate no matter physical strength, stamina or gender. Field hockey is more about technique and finesse than about physical strength. Field hockey is “not” a contact sport.

We have three coaches who ensures a good training session every week. Everyone is welcome to come and try Field hockey. All new players is assigned with a buddy who will help them get in to the game and the team.

If you want to know more please send us an email at hockey@panidraet.dk, join our group on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you on the field.


When and Where

Wednesdays 18:00 – 20:00

Address: Valby Idrætspark, Julius Andersens Vej 1, 2450 København (the blue hockey field) – (View map)

The Black Swans welcome anyone and everyone interested in giving field hockey a try! If you like to play with balls and sticks, we are your club!

We are not a club of pros, and we take good care of beginners and make sure they get into the game smoothly.

Come and join us any Wednesday at Valby Idrætspark 18:00-20:00.

Send us an email at hockey@panidraet.dk for more details!


Tournaments & Events

 We have participated in World Outgames in Antwerp in 2013, in the PinkHockey tournament in London 2014, in Eurogames in Stockholm in 2015 and PinkHockey in Berlin in 2016. In 2017 we flew all the way to sunny Miami for an epic Swan tour and in 2018 we were in Paris for the GayGames with 2 full teams and we also participated in Eurogames in Rome in 2019. We participate in PinkHockeys LGBT tournament every year. Since April 2016 we have participated in the 1st division in Dansk Hockey Unions tournament where we compete against other danish teams. 



The membership fee for hockey is 400 DKK per half year.

In addition to the sports fee there is a club membership fee which is 390 DKK annually.

Steering committee for Field Hockey

André Duarte

André Duarte

Committee Member

Henrik Clemmesen

Henrik Clemmesen


Benjamin Joseph

Benjamin Joseph

Team Captain

Kristoffer Toftgaard Nielsen

Kristoffer Toftgaard Nielsen



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