About Pan OutVentures

Pan OutVentures is for the members of Pan Idræt who like hiking and other outdoor activities in nature in a friendly group. We do both day hikes and longer trips with an emphasis on the social aspect. We are a fairly new activity in Pan Idræt, so we are still defining the right level of ambition for our trips.

If you are interested in learning more or want to join then please join our Facebook group here.


Pan Idræt calls for all participants in Pan OutVentures to review their private insurance coverage since not all accident insurances will cover these activities.

Pan Idræt do not have any insurance covering OutVentures/hiking activities for their members.




To participate in our activities, you are required to be a member of Pan Idræt, meaning that you will have to pay the annual Pan Idræt club fee which is currently 390 DKK charged on 1 January.
In addition to to club fee, there is an annual sports fee of 200 kroner to be a member of Pan OutVentures. The sports fee is charged bianually – 100 DKK on 1 February and 100 DKK on 1 July.

You are welcome to try out in one of our activites without paying fees (e.g. a day hike or a weekend trip) before you decide if you want to be a member of Pan OutVentures.

Payment for camping, transport, food etc. is not included in the fees, but is always at the member’s own expense. Payment is done either through Pan Idræts event system (Klubmodul) when signing up for a tour, via MobilePay or a combination. The tourleder will give more information on this on the specific event.

We generally aim for a price level that can accommodate everybody.


Below you’ll find our 2020 activity program. You’re also welcome to plan day trips on your own and post them in our Facebook group or suggest other activities to the steering group. The program for 2020 is still in progress and will be updated.

We also host social nights where we talk about past and upcoming activities. Themes such as gear and equipment might also occur, or perhaps one our members will give a presentation from a trip they’ve been on. Dates for social nights in 2020 will be posted here soon.


You can see the program in its entirety with more details in the event calendar in our Facebook group Pan OutVentures (Pan Idræt).

If you have any questions at all, you are more than welcome to contact the planning committee on outventures@panidraet.dk or post in the Facebook group, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to walking with you!


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