About Pan OutVentures

Pan OutVentures is Pan Idræt's section for those members who want to go hiking and do other outdoor activities in nature together with others. Most of our activities are of longer duration both in terms of kilometres and time, where we place a high value on the social aspect. We are a brand new activity in Pan Idræt, so we are still finding the right level of ambition and form for our trips.

If you are interested in hearing more or want to join, find us here on Facebook.


Pan Idræt has no collective insurances that cover members. You must therefore make sure that you are covered by the necessary insurance through your own insurance company before you participate in our trips.


Where and when

Below you will find the last trips in 2020 and the preliminary programme for 2021 in headline form. You can read more about the tours and see photos if you sign up OutVentures Facebook group. The programme for 2021 will be updated regularly.

December 2020: 

  • Sunday 20 December: Mølleåen. Tour leader: Jesper H .. SOLD OUT.
  • Sunday 27 - 28 December: Shelter trip. Tour leader: John H.

Winter 2021: 

  •  Sunday, January 17th. New Year's Reception with snobrød and mulled wine / cocoa. Tour leader: Sofie K.
  • Viking Ventures. Tour leader: Patrick J.
  • Saturday, February 13th. One-day hike on Skjoldungstien. Tour leader: Jan C.

Spring 2021:

  • Sunday, March 7: Women to the front. Tour leaders: Sofie K. and Kirsten M.
  • Saturday 29 - 30 May. 2-day bike ride in Sweden. Tour leader: Stefan G. 
  • Orienteering in Tisvilde. Tour leader: Varun.
  • Ascension Day (May). Tour leader: Patrick J.
  • Esrum Monastery. Tour leader: Lars E.
  • Esrum lake. Tour leader: Tonny.
  • Around Furesø. Tour leader: Jan C.
  • Orienteering in Geel Forest. Tour leader: Sofie K.
  • Great Belt. Tour leader: Jan C. 

Summer 2021:  

  • Weekends 19 - 20 June: Women to the front. Overnight trip. Tour leaders: Sofie K. and Kirsten M.
  • Wednesday 23 June: Midsummer event at Amager Strand.
  • July 3 - 10. Slovenia. Tour leader: Tonny.
  • Saturday 14 August: Eurogames 2021: Trip somewhere in the Capital Region. Lead: Kenneth S.
  • Sunday 15 August: Eurogames 2021: Trip somewhere in Scania. Lead: Kenneth S.
  • The 4 ferries. Tour leaders: Lars and Peter.
  • Canoe trips (probably in Scania). Tour leaders: Patrick J. and Sofie K.
  • Nekselø. Tour leader: John H.
  • Cocktail Party at Østerbro. Hosts: Lars and Peter.
  • August. The Dolomites. Tour leader: Francesco. SOLD OUT.

Autumn 2021:  

  • Sunday, September 12: Women to the front. Tour leaders: Sofie K. and Kirsten M.
  • Saturday, October 2: Mushroom trip. Tour leader: Stefan G.
  • September: Bornholm. Tour leader: John H.
  • Scotland. Tour leader: Steffen K.
  • Jægerspris. Tour leaders: Lars and Peter.
  • Kullen in Sweden. Tour leaders: Tonny and Kirsten M.
  • November: Mammut March. Patrick J.

Winter 2022: 

  • Finland + hiking. Tour leader: Varun. 

In addition, we also hold cosy evenings, where we talk about past and future trips. There may also be themes such as equipment, or it may be that one of the members shows slides from a trip he or she has been on. The dates for 2021 will soon be available below.



In addition to the club membership of DKK 390 for Pan Idræt, it costs DKK 200 annually to be a member of OutVentures. DKK 100 is charged twice a year - 1 February and 1 July.

You are welcome to participate in one of our activities (day trip or weekend trip) before you decide whether you want to be a member of Pan OutVentures.

You will also need to pay for any campsite, transport, catering, etc. on those trips where these are part of the programme, either via Klubmodul, MobilePay or a mixture. The tour guide provides further information about this in connection with the individual activity.

We generally aim to maintain a price level that everyone can agree on.


Steering Committee for Pan OutVentures


Steering committee member

Steering committee member


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