About Copenhagen Frontrunners

We are an LGTBQ+ Running & FitnessWalking club in Copenhagen.

We are part of Pan Idræt (the LGTBQ+ sports club in Copenhagen) and a member of the International Frontrunners as well as Dansk Atletik Forbund (Danish Athletic Federation) and DIF (The Sports Confederation of Denmark).

We are more than 140 member

We have Running & FitnessWalking coaches and 5-6 assistant coaches, catering to both beginners and more experienced runners /fitnesswalkers.

The social aspect is important to us. After training we use the café at Boldklubben Skjold, P.H. Lings Allé 10, 2100 Copenhagen Ø next to our locker rooms and changing facilities for those who like to join. Our social event group also invites regularly for external dinner event at a nearby café.

Other social events include our summer party, Christmas party and season closing event in December.

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When and Where

Our starting point is Boldklubben Skjold, P.H Lings Allé 10, 2100 Copenhagen Ø  You should be ready for Running or FitnessWalking at 6:00 p.m., wearing your Running / FitnessWalking gear. Changing facilities and locker rooms for your bag are available at Boldklubben Skjold.

Tuesdays: 6:00-7:00 p.m. – all year round. For July and the days between Christmas and New Year, please check specific information via our internal Facebook Group named Copenhagen Frontrunners for pop-up events.

Each training session is scheduled for one hour. Training sessions will vary from time to time, focusing on interval training, fitnesswalking as well as longer distance runs in moderate pace. Everyone can participate.

We also offer long distance runs Thursdays 6:00-7:00 pm.

You are welcome to come and run with us twice before deciding whether to join our running and power walking club.


Tournaments & Events

We join yearly the below external tournaments and events. Please check our internal Facebook group Copenhagen Frontrunners for more information:

Royal Run (2nd day of Pentecost)

DHL Run at Fælledparken. (August)

Pride Run at Copenhagen Pride (August)

Copenhagen Half Marathon. (September)

Eremitageløbet (October)


The Frontrunners membership is DKK 400  and the Pan Idræt membership is DKK 390 for 12 months .

In total, the annual membership fee is DKK 790

When registering after 1st July, you will be entitled to a discount of 50 %.

An annual associate membership is DKK 100, plus membership of Pan Idræt. Associate membership provides access to social events only

REMEMBER: When registering on panidraet.dk, please choose annual membership fee even if you sign up after 01st July.

Running School & FitnessWalking 

We offer Running Schools twice a year – in March and August. Our experienced trainer has planned a 10 week programe for new runners or runners with some experience.  Please contact lob@panidraet.dk or use the “Contact” function below for more information on the next start up

Our FitnessWalking team is combining fitness with walking and is aimed at everyone who are looking to keep in shape & train balance and muscles at the same time. Please contact lob@panidraet.dk or use the “Contact function” below for more information. 

Steering committee for Copenhagen Frontrunners

Tommy Kristoffersen


Carsten Lind

Economy, PR and Member Administration

Jakob Jensen

Responsible for Trainergroup

Mette Barrit

Board Member

Elmer Thomsen

Responsible for events


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