About Copenhagen Frontrunners

Copenhagen Frontrunners is Pan Idræt’s running & fitness walk club for all LGBTQ + in the Greater Copenhagen area. We are more than 180 members, including both beginners and experienced runners. There is room for everyone, including you.

We typically train divided into different teams, so everyone can participate. Every team is guided by coaches, ensuring that the training is effective and well calibrated. You can try different teams and, if in doubt, you can ask our Ambassadors to guide you in the selection.

After training we like to spend time together, eating at BK Skjold or in a restaurant. In addition, there are major social events such as summer parties, Christmas parties and post-New Year's celebrations.

We are part of Pan Idræt, but we are also members of the International Frontrunners as well as the Danish Athletics Federation (Dansk Atletik Forbund, DAF).

Where and when


We train every Tuesday from 6 to 7 pm (except in July and between Christmas and New Year). We are located at BK Skjold, Per Henrik Lings Allé 10, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø - just behind Østerbro Stadium. Typically, we train in Fælledparken and in the areas nearby.

There are locker rooms, showers and locked storage rooms for bags and clothes. You must be dressed and ready to start at 6 pm.

There are additional pop-up runs spontaneously created by the community and shared in our Facebook group. Don’t be afraid to create some yourself to find some running buddies!



We typically train divided into different teams, so everyone can participate. Every team is guided by coaches, ensuring that the training is effective and well calibrated. Our current teams are:

🟢Green team welcomes who wants to run at a leisurely pace. The focus is on ensuring regular weekly training and sociality. Grønt hold er for dig, der har lyst til at løbe en tur i et roligt tempo. Fokus er på det sociale og at sikre en fast ugentlig træning.

🔵 Blue team is for those who want to stay in shape and develop their running skills. The team is for those who can already run 5 km without too many problems.

🔴 Red team is for you who already run at least twice a week. You will be challenged in addition to your regular training and will have the opportunity to improve your running. forvejen løber mindst to gange om ugen. Du bliver udfordret ud over din hverdagstræning og får mulighed for at forbedre dit løb.

🏃‍♀️ The women's team is for everyone. The training is differentiated and organized so that everyone gets something out of it in a fun and social setting.

🎽 Fitness walk allows you to train muscle groups such as abdomen, thighs, calves and back, combined with fitness interval walking training.

Competitions and events

Copenhagen Frontrunners participate every year in several races like: 

  • Royal Run 
  • Etape København
  • DHL Relay
  • Copenhagen Half
  • Eremitageløbet 
  • Pride Run

We arrange the participation ourselves. Pride Run is organizedorganised by us and takes place in connection to Copenhagen Pride. In addition, we internationally participate in EuroGames and GayGames. Write to loeb@panidraet.dk or follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more info. loeb@panidraet.dk og følg os på Facebook or Instagram, hvis du vil høre mere.


The activity fee for Copenhagen Frontrunners is DKK 400 per calendar year and covers both running and fitness walk teams. A 50% discount is given after 1 July.

In addition, members are required to join Pan Idræt; this costs DKK 390 per calendar year. A 50% discount is given after 1 July.

The activity fee goes, among other things, to education of our coaches and payment for changing and meeting facilities at BK Skjold. You are welcome to join the training twice before signing up.

Running school

Copenhagen Frontrunners start running schools once or twice a year (find invitations on our Facebook page). Facebook page).

The running school is for you who - together with other LGBTQ +'s - over a 10-week period want to get started with or improve your running skills.

Our experienced instructors have organized a program which fits both complete beginners and those with some experience who want to improve their running and fitness skills. At the end of the running school there will be a smooth transition to the other teams.

Meetings are on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7 pm at BK Skjold.

Fitness Walk

Copenhagen Frontrunners tilbyder også fitnesswalk. Holdet er for dig, der ønsker at træne muskelgrupper som mave, lår, lægge og ryg samtidig med konditionsopbyggende interval-gangtræning i forskellige tempi. Nogle træner på fitnesswalk-holdet, fordi de har en skade og vil undgå at belaste knæ og led, mens andre vælger holdet på grund af kombinationen af muskeltræning, motion og godt samvær.

Ligesom løbeholdene mødes vi tirsdage kl. 18-19 ved BK Skjold, P.H. Lings Alle 10, 2100 København Ø.



Steering group for Copenhagen Frontrunners

Tommy Kristoffersen

Tommy Kristoffersen


Carsten Lind

Carsten Lind


Jakob Jensen

Jakob Jensen

Coaching Group Manager

Elleke Bosman

Elleke Bosman

Steering committee member

Tine Friis Hansen

Tine Friis Hansen

Steering committee member

Antonio Cefalo

Antonio Cefalo



Photo policy

Copenhagen Frontrunners is part of Pan Idræt and hence subject to guidelines and policies set out by Pan Idræt, including the photo policy.


As we are an LGBT + club, there may be a need for stricter protection of the individual, which is why we, as a club, have stricter guidelines regarding the use of photos and video material.

As a current or former member of Copenhagen Frontrunners, you are bound by the club's stricter policy in this area.

In the club we have a closed group on Facebook, an open group on Facebook, an Instagram profile and material on Pan Sports's website.

Common to all 4 platforms applies:

  • We notify when pictures are taken and make sure that everyone present has heard and perceived the alert.
  • Notice MUST contain information about the intended use of the image/video.
  • We make sure that those who do not want to be in the picture/video have the opportunity, both in terms of time and space, to move, without drawing undue attention to their choice.
  • Pictured persons have the right to have photos/videos of which they appear deleted/removed.
  • When preparing special material for promotion and advertising, where more planning than a snapshot can be expected to be required, adequate and timely notice - a minimum of 1 week will be given.

Special rules for the open Facebook group, Instagram and Pan Idræt website

  • All uploading of photos and / or videos is done with clear oral consent.
  • The notice must contain specific information that the material will be publicly available.
  • We never tag people in photos or videos.
  • The use of stock pictures is used to the extent that it makes as much sense as the use of material with real members.

If you have any questions, please contact the steering committee for Copenhagen Frontrunners - see contact details on this page.


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