Thank You for Joining Us!

It was a privilige to have you with us. Thank you so much for coming to Copenhagen, making it a very special event.

The results are in, find them under Disciplines.

Lots of love from Copenhagen Frontrunners

Updated August 24 at 10:15 CET (added links to results)

Updated August 15 at 18:30 CET (meeting time for morning run Tuesday updated + meeting spot specified)
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Copenhagen 2021

The mega event combining EuroGames and WorldPride in Copenhagen and Malmo on August 12-22, 2021. See

EuroGames 2021

Our parent organization Pan Idræt is the host of EuroGames 2021 in Copenhagen and Malmo from August 18-20, 2021. See more at

Copenhagen Frontrunners (Pan Idræt Running)

We are the running and fitness walking club of Pan Idræt, the LGBTI + sports association in Copenhagen.

We have 150+ members of which 40 are identifying as women. Tuesdays are our big running day with around 70-80 participants distributed across our 6 teams. See more at our our webpage.

At EuroGames we are co-arranging running and track & field disciplines as well as a programme for the week.

Pan Tri & Bike logo

Disciplines at EuroGames 2021

Four disciplines are offered at three sites at EuroGames 2021.

5k / 10k running

Run 5 km or 10 km by the harbour, around the old fortress Kastellet, and by her majesty The Little Mermaid. Check out page for 5k/10k running spirit event on Facebook.

Results for 5k/10k running (choose “eurogames” in the left column, choose your Distance and your Category and click Show Results).

Half Marathon

Run at Amager Beach Park with a view to Sweden. Check out the official page for Half Marathon spirit event on Facebook.

Results for Half Marathon (choose Results and your Distance and your Category and click Show Results).

Track & Field

Compete at Østerbro Stadion. Check out the official page for Track & Field spirit event on Facebook.

Results for Track & Field are found in the Roster Athletics app (for iPhone or Android). 

Technical Organisers


We have partnered with the non-profit sports organization within running and track & field Sparta as the technical organizer of 5k/10k runs and Track & Field as well as co-organizing the Half Marathon. Among many other things, Sparta is the organizer of the Copenhagen Marathon and CPH Half with more than 25.000 participants. See more at


We have partnered with IRONMAN Denmark as the technical co-organizer of the half marathon (and the triathlon) at Amager Beach Park. They organise 4: 18: 4 and a full ironman annually with Amager Beach Park as the base with thousands of participants. See more at


We Welcome You!

We are looking forward to welcoming you from around the globe! (The “Euro” in EuroGames simply implies the location being in Europe.)


Programme for Running at Copenhagen 2021

Our “more-than-running” program for the entire week.

Good Morning Runs

We say good morning and run to see great sites and landmarks of Copenhagen.

The routes are approximately 6 km and we will run in a pace around 5:30 min/km. Show up in your running outfit.

Tuesday, August 17 at 8:00 AM (not 8:30 AM): We meet at Sports Village (at Rainbow Playground just south west of Kulturhuset Islands Brygge). See Facebook event.

Thursday, August 19 at 8:30 AM: We meet at Regnbuepladsen. See Facebook event.

Open for all.

Runners Hotel
Stay at the same hotel as other runners from around the world. Come as an individual, group or club.

See details in the section below.

Hike/Bike with OutVentures

Saturday daytime & Sunday daytime

Go on a hike and/or biking trip with our fellow club Pan OutVentures.

Saturday (August 14): Go on a 15 km wonderful hike in scenic surroundings north of Copenhagen from Farum to Lyngby. Meet up at Farum st at 10:30 AM. See more in the Facebook event.

Sunday (August 15): Join a beautiful 41 km bike trip from Hvalsø to Køge. Start is from Hvalsø train station at 10:30 AM. More details in the Facebook event (now a public event).

Check out the discounted public transport ticket here.

Sports Leader Conference
Monday-Tuesday daytime

Strengthen the capacity of your LGBTI + sports club by attending this conference gathering peers from all around. The purpose is to strengthen and promote LGBTI + inclusion in sports communities. See more at the page of the Sports Leader Conference.

Site Tour (EuroGames Sites)

Monday evening

Get an overview of important running/track & field EuroGames sites so that you know where to be when you have to.

Meet up at 17:00 at WorldPride Square (Rådhuspladsen) between the two Metro elevators bringing either a public transport ticket (zone 1-4 is enough) or a bike. We should be back at the WorldPride Square by 19:30.

Check out the details and sign up in the event on Facebook.


Tuesday evening

Join our regular practice and one of our six teams.

Meet up at 17:30-17:45. Practice starts at 18:00.

The address is (look for beach flags from Copenhagen Frontrunners):
Boldklubben Skjold
Per Henrik Lings Allé 10,
2100 Copenhagen East (København Ø)

There are changing facilities and a possibility to store your bag. If you are able to, please come in your running outfit.

Sign up in the Facebook event.

Although we would have loved to, we are not be able to eat in the club cafeteria afterwards, as we usually do in non-corona times.

Pride Run

Wednesday afternoon

Be part of our own world pride run/walks going by significant LGBTI+ spots in Copenhagen.

Registration is open 16:00-16:45, and the start is at 17:00. We start at Rådhuspladsen (WorldPride Square) between the two Metro station entrances.

See more details and sign up in the Facebook event.

Opening Ceremony

Wednesday evening

Take part in the EuroGames 2021 opening ceremony in Fælledparken on August 18 from 18:00.

Check out the official page for the event.

Track & Field

Thursday (only) daytime (updated)

Compete in the Olympic disciplines at Østerbro Stadium.

Technical organiser: Sparta

5k / 10k Run
Thursday evening

Compete in the 5 km or 10 km discipline around the old fortress the Citadel ('Kastellet') by the harbour, the Royal Palace ('Amalienborg') and her majesty the The Little Mermaid.

Technical organiser: Sparta

Afterrun (International Frontrunners Reception)

Thursday evening

Have a nice time with wonderful fellow runners, something to drink and nice music.

It will be at Churchillparken (Kastellet) in continuation of the 5k/10k runs, probably from 19:00-20:00 to 22:00 .

See the latest details and sign up in the Facebook event.

In collaboration with International Front Runners spirit Gay Games XI Hong Kong 2022.

Half Marathon

Friday afternoon

Run your half marathon by the water at Amager Beach Park with a view to the Øresund Bridge to Sweden and climb CopenHill on the way!

Technical organiser: Sparta with IRONMAN Denmark

Closing Ceremony

Saturday afternoon

The closing ceremony of EuroGames 2021 will be part of the WorldPride Marches 2021 ending in Fælledparken.

We will meet at Churchillparken and march from there to Fælledparken (you should receive an email to register no later than Sunday, August 15). 

See the official page of the event.

Runners' Hotel

Stay at the same hotel as other runners from around the world. Come as an individual, group or club.

The hotel is:

WakeUp Copenhagen Bernstoffsgade (see via Copenhagen 2021)
Bernstoffsgade 35
1577 Copenhagen

The hotel is a “good value, compact hotel” offering breakfast with double rooms for double or single occupancy. It is good for sleeping, keeping you clean and storing your stuff, not for staying in all day.

Other Accommodation

If you prefer choosing your own accommodation, Copenhagen 2021 has made good deals with many hotels in Copenhagen and Malmö.


When you make a booking through Copenhagen 2021, you support Copenhagen 2021 receiving a small commission.


If you are unable to afford accommodation in Copenhagen, you may be eligible for the outreach program of Copenhagen 2021 with locals offering a place to stay during the event.


Represent Your Club

Develop your club, your friendships and your running. Be the link between your club members and us. Help them to know about this event, so that we can all have a great time together in Copenhagen.

We will take good care of you before and of course during the event if you are in Copenhagen. We will provide you with insights, regular updates and promotional information.

Please send us your contact information and we will get in touch.

TIP: If your club is not a member of EGLSF (the European Gay & Lesbian Sports Federation),  you (from all around the world, European or not) will most likely save money by your club becoming one. Check out the membership info for EGLSF here.

Follow Us On Social Media

Follow & like our Facebook Page “Running at Copenhagen 2021” and Instagram profile @CopenhagenFrontrunners, and please share it and relevant posts with your members.

Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering, please indicate it here:

Love From Your Team

We are a group of volunteers from Copenhagen Frontrunners who collaborate on making a great program and making it happen for you for Copenhagen 2021.

Lots of love from Copenhagen,
Jan, Ole, Lasse, Tommy, Nick, Mikkel and Simen

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