Copenhagen Mermates – Pan Idræt's swim team

Never really been a swimmer? Or did you compeed as a child? We have room for everyone!


We are a total of about 120 lgbt+ people, and with 6 sessions per week, we offer different leves and something for everyone.

The most important thing for us is to have fun and meet new friends. That is why we also hang out outside of the pool, for eksample at our summer party, julefrokost or just for a beer after a swim.

If you're curious as to who we are and what swimming with us is like, them come and try it.

Write to to make an appointment.


Swimming levels


Almost every session offers a set programme and a lane for recreational swimming.

Recerational swimming
Here you swim without a programme or instruction (there is always a lifeguard). You need to be able to swim at least 25 metres non-stop.

Programme swimming
Our talentet coaches prepare a new programme for every session. The programme is fit for both A, B and C-level, so there's always a challenge.


If you lack basic swimming skills or wish to improve your basic technique, this is for you. We go through all four disciplines (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and crawl) over the course of a season.

If you are roughly familiar with breaststroke and crawl and have knowledge of backstroke and butterfly, this is for you. You should also be able to swim two lanes (2x25) with no break.
At this level you gain knowledge of fitness and interval swimming. You start swimming fast and get an advanced water sensation, which strengthens your technical and motor skills.
Programme length: 1000-1800 meters/hour.

If you are familiar with breaststroke, crawl and backstroke, have knowledge of butterfly, and a reasonable experience with interval swimming, this is for you. At this level, swimming is intensified and the technical and motor skills are fine-tuned. Programme length: 1500-2000 meters/hour.


If you are very experienced in all four styles as well as interval swimmin, this level is for you. This level requires advanced technical and motor skills. Programme length: 2000-3000 meters/hour

REMEMBER: If you are in doubt, ask the coach or send us an email.




Sessions: When and where


If you're not yet a member, please write to us to make an appointment.


MONDAY – Vesterbro Svømmehal 20:30-21:30
Advanced Monday – Coach: Marco/Juraj

For programme swimmers (ABC), who want to improve their performance and/or aim to take part in competitions. You need to be able to swim all four disciplines with reasonable technique, and to be able swim one discipline for the whole programme 21-21.30 is open for recreational swimmers

WEDNESDAY – Sankt Annæ Svømmehal 20:30-21:30
Endurance Wednesday – Coach: Mirja

For programme swimmers (ABC), who want to improve stamina and distance. Breast and crawl only.

THURSDAY - Frankrigsgade Svømmehal 20:00-21:00
Beginner Thursday – Coach: Jakob/Christian

For beginners and those, who want to improve their basic technique (C). Here we learn the basics of crawl, breast, back and butterfly.

FRIDAY - Vesterbro Svømmehal 19:00-20:00
Fun Friday – Coach: Jakob/Morten

Mixed programme for all levels. Lanes for recreational swimmers.

LØRDAG – Hillerødgade Svømmehal kl. 17:00-18:00
SATURDAY at Hillerødgade svømmehal 17:00-18:00
Super Saturday – Coaches rotate

Progamme (ABC) and recreational. Sometimes there's a workshop.


SUNDAY at Sankt Annæ Svømmehal 17:00-18:00
Surprise Sunday – Coaches rotate

Different activities; programmes, workshop or recreational swimming.

Sign up in the Holdsport app. There should be a minimum of 8 people, otherwise the session may be cancelled.



The membership fee for Pan Idræt is 390kr per calendar year (195kr if you join after July). In addition, you need to pay the activity fee for swimming in Copenhagen Mermates which from 1 January 2023 is DKK 110 per month and is paid for January - May and September - December - in other words nine months of the year with no payment due for June, July and August.

Mermates membership fee is collected automatically on the 1st day of the month. If your card payment does not go through, you will get an email with instructions for updating your debit or credit card details in our system.

If you decide to leave us, please let us know in plenty of time before the next payment is due. We are very flexible compared to other, commercial sports clubs and gyms with minimum membership periods. Use "Member login" under the "For members" menu at the top and choose "remove a sport from your membership" it "membership cancellation". 

If you do not pay on time, we will try to get in touch with you. We'll delete you from the booking app if you still haven't paid by the 21st of the month, and cancel your membership immediately before the next payment is due. 

If we don't hear from you, and you don't pay, you will be in arrears (have debt to us) which will need to be paid before you can come again.


NOTE: If you are thinking of joining us, you can arrange a free trial period (around three sessions). In any event, we like to agree when you can come so we can be waiting for you at the pool, so write to to request a trial.


Copenhagen Mermates wishes to create a safe space for LGBT+ people by offering coached swimming and community.

More about membership and rules (in Danish).


Steering Committee for Copenhagen Mermates

Jesper Kappel

Jesper Kappel


Mirja Stroehler

Mirja Stroehler

Head coach

Michael Ehlers

Michael Ehlers


Oliver Baake

Oliver Baake

Steering committee member

Morten Henrik Petersen

Morten Henrik Petersen

Steering committee member


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