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We will be open for new members again in January 2023. 

Write to to agree when you can come. 

Please note that unfortunately, we cannot offer help with fear of the water.


What we offer


In Copenhagen Mermates we have several options.


Free swimming - often called recreational swimming
The first swimming option is recreational swimmingFree swimming Is for those who just want to swim without a programme or instruction (but there is always a lifeguard). You need to be able to swim at least 25 metres non-stop though. Many members make use of both swimming options. Always show consideration for the other swimmers. 

Programme swimming
The second option is programme swimming consisting of two groups, one beginner group and one programme group. If you want to learn the 4 styles of swimming and already have the basic swimming skills, then we recommend the beginner group. If you can already move safely in the water and swim several or all of the four styles, the programme group is right for you. In addition, the programme group consists of three levels A, B and C. If in doubt, ask the head coach.

NOTE: Both swimming offers require that the swimmers are familiar with basic swimming. Please also not that Copenhagen Mermates trainers do not have the capacity or skills to help you overcome fear of the water.


The beginners group is intended for swimmers who want to learn the 4 styles, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and crawl. We go through all four disciplines over the course of a season. In this group, you need to be reasonably familiar with the 4 basic skills of swimmingNOTE! Unfortunately, we do not have the resources available to help people who are afraid of the water.

Contact the steering committee at if you are interested in the beginner training.

Once your skill level has reached a certain level, you will need to move up to one of the other days in order to make room for new beginners - our beginner sessions are very popular and we often have a waiting list.


The swimming group (with levels)

C level
Assumes you are roughly familiar with breaststroke and crawl and have knowledge of backstroke and butterfly. In addition, you are expected to be able to swim two lanes without stopping. At this level you gain knowledge of fitness and interval swimming. You start swimming fast and get an advanced water sensation, which strengthens your technical and motor skills. The programme length varies between 1500 and 1800 meters, which corresponds to 1-1.5 hours.

B level
Assumes you are reasonable familiar with breaststroke, crawl and backstroke, and that you have knowledge of butterfly. In addition, it is assumed that you have a reasonable condition and experience with interval swimming. At this level, swimming is intensified and the technical and motor skills are fine-tuned. In 1.5 hours, the programme length varies between 2000-2500 metres.

A level
Assumes that you are very experienced with all four styles. In addition, it is assumed that you have a good condition and experience with interval swimming. This level is the club's highest programme level and requires advanced technical and motor skills. In 1.5 hours, the programme length varies between 2500 and 3000 metres.


Where and when




IMPORTANT! We use Holdsport as a booking system. During your trial period you should just agree with us when you can swim. Once you join and pay, we will send you a welcome letter with an invitation link to Holdsport. You can't access our bookings without the invitation link as we are not visible in the app for confidentiality reasons.

MANDAGE i Vesterbro Svømmehal kl. 20:30-22:00

Advanced Monday – Trainer: Marco or Andrew

Mondays are only for advanced programme swimmerswho want to improve their performance and/or aim to take part in competitions. You need to be able to swim:

  • All 4 disciplines (breaststroke, crawl, backstroke and butterfly) with reasonable technique
  • Swim one discipline for the whole programme

You must follow the programme.

There are A and B lanes.

Recreational swimmers are welcome from 21:00.

WEDNESDAYS in Skt Annæ from 20:30 to 22:00 (unchanged from last season)

Endurance Wednesday - Coach: Mirja

For programme swimmers and the faster recreational swimmers. If you want to follow the programme, it will consist of only breaststroke and crawl, and it will focus on distance.

THURSDAYS in Frankrigsgade 

Beginner Thursday - Coach: Jakob

For beginners and those just above that level.

There are two sessions of one hour each: 20:00-21:00 and 21:00-22:00

NOTE: if there are not at least 8 people booked by 18:00 on the day, the second session will be cancelled.

FRIDAYS in Vesterbro Pool from 19:00-20:30

Coach: Morten

Fun Friday

Programme swimming for A, B and C levels as well as recreational lanes. Programme swimmers please arrive at the start by 19:00.



Coach: varies

Super Saturday - all are welcome. 

Sometimes there will be special theme workshops - these will be announced in advance.



Coach: varies

Cosy Sunday - all ar welcome. No programmes offered.


NOTE: All sessions are to be booked in Holdsport. If you want to try us out before joining, just contact us first on, so we can agree a time for you to come. Please do not come without first contacting us.


NOTE: All swimmers should be ready at the poolside 3 minutes before the session starts.


Membership fees

The membership fee for Pan Idræt is 390kr per calendar year (195kr if you join after July). In addition, you need to pay the activity fee for swimming in Copenhagen Mermates which from 1 January 2023 is DKK 110 per month and is paid for January - May and September - December - in other words nine months of the year with no payment due for June, July and August.

Mermates membership fee is collected automatically on the 1st day of the month. If your card payment does not go through, you will get an email with instructions for updating your debit or credit card details in our system.

If you decide to leave us, please let us know in plenty of time before the next payment is due. We are very flexible compared to other, commercial sports clubs and gyms with minimum membership periods. Use "Member login" under the "For members" menu at the top and choose "remove a sport from your membership" it "membership cancellation". 

If you do not pay on time, we will try to get in touch with you. We'll delete you from the booking app if you still haven't paid by the 21st of the month, and cancel your membership immediately before the next payment is due. 

If we don't hear from you, and you don't pay, you will be in arrears (have debt to us) which will need to be paid before you can come again.


NOTE: If you are thinking of joining us, you can arrange a free trial period (around three sessions). In any event, we like to agree when you can come so we can be waiting for you at the pool, so write to to request a trial.

Membership and rules

All members should have knowledge of the club membership and rules.

About Copenhagen Mermates



the objective of Copenhagen Mermates is to create a safe LGBT-friendly environment in Danish swimming with swimming offers of various kinds. Mermates is a Copenhagen Mermates a member of the Danish Swimming Federation through Pan Idræt. Current swimming offers can be seen under "swimming offers and "team descriptions." If you are considering membership, you can contact us to agree some trial sessions.


Members and identity

Most of our members are from the LGBT+ community. We also have some allies as members, who we very much appreciate. We currently have about 130 members.


Competitions and club championships

Copenhagen Mermates organises an annual club championship and participates in 3-5 swimming competitions a year. The competitions are mostly LGBT + swimming competitions abroad, including major international competitions such as Eurogames. Each individual member is responsible for their own expenses in connection with the competitions, including registration, travel, board and lodging. The trips are arranged either as team trips or as individual trips, depending on what there is support for. The members who attend competitions decide whether they want to travel and stay together or book individually.


Events and social events

The members regularly arrange - also on their own initiative - Friday dinners and parties for the club members. Parties are arranged by the steering committee each season, and the steering committee also awards the annual club trophy to a member who has made a special volunteer effort in the past year. The club's Christmas party is arranged by Pan Idræt, and is held together with the other sports under Pan Idræt. Events and social events usually have a separate fee, although the club sometimes subsidises them.



All work in the club is voluntary, both the primary, which is swimming-related, and the secondary, which relates to the club's social activities. Members who have the time take part in the development of the swimming offers, event participation, the steering group work and the social activities.


Contact and communication

You will not only find us on We are also on Facebook, where you can follow us and get an impression of our club. Ask to join our Facebook group. You will find us under the name Copenhagen Mermates (Pan Idræt). Contact the members of the steering committee on ..

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Steering Committee for Copenhagen Mermates

Jesper Kappel

Jesper Kappel


Mirja Stroehler

Mirja Stroehler

Head coach

Michael Ehlers

Michael Ehlers


Oliver Baake

Oliver Baake

Steering committee member

Morten Henrik Petersen

Morten Henrik Petersen

Steering committee member


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