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Copenhagen Mermates

About us



The aim of Copenhagen Mermates is to create a safe LGBT-friendly environment for swimmers in Denmark offering a variety of swimming programs and options. That is why Copenhagen Mermates is also a member of the Danish Swimming Union under Pan Sports. Current swimming programs can be viewed under “Swimming options and group program descriptions.” If you are considering membership, you can sign up and register or request a trial. See “membership and rules.”


Members and identity

Most members’ identify themselves under the LGBT+ spectrum, hence the club’s name Copenhagen Mermates. Club membership varies between 100 and 150, most of them are either homosexual or bisexual (note: everyone is welcome!). The gender distribution is stable with about 80% men and 20% women. Members’ ages range from 20 to 75 years, the majority of whom are aged between 25-50 years (minimum age for membership is 18).


Competitions and club championships

Copenhagen Mermates organizes an annual club championship and participates in 3-5 swimming competitions a year. The competitions are mostly LGBT+ swimming competitions abroad, including major international competitions such as Eurogames and Gaygames. Each participant is responsible for his / her own expenses at the events, including registration, travel, boarding and lodging. Swimming competitions are arranged either as team trips or individually, depending on interest. Members attending competitions decide for themselves whether they want to travel and live together, or individually.


Events and social events

Members regularly organize – often on their own initiative – Friday dinners and parties for club members. One annual party is organized by the steering committee before each summer holiday, where the steering committee awards the annual club trophy, recognising individuals that have made a special effort volunteering during the club season (September-May). The club’s Christmas party is organized by Pan Idræt, and is held together with the other Pan Idræt clubs. Participants usually pay individually in connection with the specific events and social events.



All work within the club is voluntary, both the primary, swimmer-related volunteering and the secondary, volunteering related to the club’s social activities. Our volunteers are members who have the time and energy take part in the development of the swimming programmes, competitions, steering committee and social activities.


Contact and communication

You will not only find us at We are also on Facebook where you can follow us and get an impression of what our club is about. You can request membership of the Facebook group. The group can be found under the name Copenhagen Mermates (Pan Idræt). You are welcome to contact the steering committee members for a response. We recommend directing inquiries regarding swimming and membership directly to the steering committee members.

Copenhagen Mermates

Where and when?

Program swimming is scheduled in themes as seen below.

Monday – Vesterbro Svømmehal
8.30-9.30 pm – Theme: “Ambitious Monday” on lane 1-4 (level A, B & C). Coach: Marco Schaber.
9.00-10.00 pm – Individual swimming on lane 5-6.

Thursday – Frankrigsgade Svømmehal
8.00-9.00 pm – Theme: “Technique Thursdays” on lane 1-3. Coach: Jakob Edinger and Morten Henrik Petersen alternating.

Friday – Vesterbro Svømmehal
7.00-8.30 pm – Theme: “Funny Fridays” on lane 1-4 (level A, B & C). Coach: Morten Henrik Petersen.
7.00-8.30 pm – Individual swimming on lane 5-6.

Saturday – Hillerødgade Bad & Hal
5.00-6.30 pm – Theme: “Cosy Saturdays” on lane 1-4 (level A, B & C).
                                            Coaches: Marco, Jakob, Morten, Uffe and Mirja.
5.00-6.30 pm – Individual swimming on lane 5-6.


ATTENTION: Program swimmers, please be ready by the pool 3 minutes in advance.


Swimming options and group program descriptions



In Copenhagen Mermates we have two swimming options.


1. Individual swimming
The first swimming option is individual swimming. Individual swimming is swimming without a program or coach. It is available to those able to swim independently. Many members make use of both swimming options. Always show consideration for the other swimmers.

2. Program swimming
The second option is program swimming, which consists of two groups. A Technique group and a swimming team. If you want to learn the 4 swimming strokes and already have the basic swimming skills, then we recommend the technique group. If you are already capable in the water and swim several or all of the four strokes, the swimming team is the right group for you. In addition, the swimming team consists of three levels A, B and C. If you are in doubt of your swimming level, ask the head coach.

NOTE: Both swim options assume that the swimmers are familiar with basic swimming. Copenhagen Mermates do not have the resources to remedy water/swimming anxiety.



Technique group

The technique group is intended for you who wants to learn the 4 swimming strokes; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. At the beginning of each season, we announce fixed dates for each stroke. We expect that you are aware of the 4 basic skills of swimming (breathing, buoyancy, motion and element change). On the 9’th of January you can join a special session, where you can learn the 4 basic skills.

Contact the stearing committee or the coach (Jakob Edinger or Morten Henrik Petersen) if you are considering the technique group.


Autumn 2020 September October November December


8-9 pm.

3 C svøm*
1 C svøm
5 C svøm
3 C svøm
10 T: Breast 8 T:  Fly 12 T: Back 10 T: Fly
17 T: Crawl 15 T:  Fly 19 T: Crawl 17 T: Breast
24 T: Back 22 C svøm
26 C svøm
  29 T: crawl    


* = Introduction to the season 7.30 pm. in the foyer

C svøm          = Program, 1. hour, level C, all strokes

T                    = Technique for a specific stroke

The swimming Team (levels)

C level
We assume that you are relatively familiar with breaststroke and freestyle and have knowledge of backstroke and butterfly. Furthermore, we expect that you can swim two laps without stopping. At this level, you will learn about fitness and interval training. You will start swimming fast and will develop an advanced feeling for the water that enhances your technical and motor skills. The program distances vary between 1500 and 1800 meters, over 1-1.5 hours.

B level
We assume that you are confident with breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke, and that you are familiar with butterfly. In addition, we expect that you have a reasonable fitness level and experience with interval training. At this level, swimming is intensified and technical and motor skills are fine-tuned. Over 1.5 hours, the program distance varies between 2000-2500 meters.

A level
We assume that you are familiar with all four swimming strokes. In addition, we expect that your fitness level is good and that you have experience with interval training. This level is the club’s highest program level and requires advanced technical and motor skills. Over 1.5 hours, the program distance varies between 2500 and 3000 meters.


The swimming team swims program training 4-5 times a week (see when under “where and when”).

Membership and regulations

This field will be updated soon


The main subscription fee for Pan Idræt is DKK 340, – once a year (DKK 195, – after July)

Subscription fees to Mermates are DKK 380, – per. 6 months, and are due on the 1st of January and the 1st of September.

Note: New members may partake in a trial period (about three times swimming).

The steering committee

Use the contact field to contact the members of the steering committee.

Jakob Edinger

Jakob Edinger


Jesper Kappel

Member of the steering commitee

Morten Henrik Petersen

Morten Henrik Petersen

Head Coach

Mirja Stroehler

Member of the steering commitee

Paul Brummitt



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