About Tennis in Pan Idræt

For those who love to get gravel under their feet!


Pan Tennis is for everyone, which is why you are welcome whether you are a beginner or an experienced team player. We have good facilities in the summer where we play on red gravel courts and in winter where we play on indoor hard court courts.

Pan Tennis is the tennis section of Pan Idræt, and we have existed since 2006. We currently have approx. 30 members and we look forward to having even more energetic members.

Social events

Every year we hold several social events to the great joy of our members. As a member of Pan Tennis, you have the opportunity to participate in our club tournaments both indoors and outdoors and especially the outdoor tournament has proven to be a great success, as we combine tennis matches with cosy social gatherings. The annual Christmas party must be experienced, and since the club started in 2006, the Christmas party has been held at a new member's home every year.

Tournaments abroad

Several of our current members have had insane fun at these tournaments, so if you love intense tennis matches and wild parties, then just get going! All levels are represented for the tournaments. You can read more under the item tournaments and events.

Maybe you will be our new Nadal or Wozniacki, soooo get started!

If you are interested in hearing more about Pan Tennis and meeting us face to face, please contact the steering group. The easiest way to contact us is via our Facebook group, where members write together and coordinate the game.


Where and when

Where: Kløvermarkens Tennis Klub, Kløvermarksvej 34, 2300 København S.
Courts 6 and 7.

When: The outdoor season starts on Friday 5 May 2017 and continues every Friday until the end of September.

We play every Friday at 16: 30-18: 30, and possibly on to sunset if there are lanes for it.

It is possible to sign up for a training team, contact the steering group about this.

Contact: The easiest way to contact us is through our Facebook Group, where members write together and coordinate the game.


Tournaments and events: GLTA - Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance

GLTA stands for Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance, which since the late 70's has served as homosexuals' very own tennis tour. The purpose of GLTA is that gays and lesbians all over the globe can compete against each other and regardless of age and level. GLTA tournaments are both social and competitive events, and this is reflected in the fact that by participating in a given tournament you will be able to experience exciting tennis matches and at the same time fantastic parties.

There are plenty of tournaments and especially in Europe and the United States. Pan Tennis has already built up a lot of tournament experience by participating in the European tournaments, and in addition, a Danish GLTA tournament was held in 2008 in Rødovre tennis club. It was an extremely exciting project, and the tournament helped to give the club a special team spirit. In 2009, a follow-up was held with World OutGames, where Pan Tennis arranged the tennis tournament at KB's facilities. 250 players came from abroad.


The activity fee for Pan Tennis is DKK 800 per year.

Members are required to join Pan Idræt first (390 DKK annually).



Steering Committee for Tennis

Asger Törnquist

Asger Törnquist


Thomas Nielsen

Thomas Nielsen

Steering committee member

Johan Simonsen

Johan Simonsen

Steering committee member

Hans Jensen

Hans Jensen

Steering committee member


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