Rainbow family sports


About Pan Rainbow Family Sports

There are now a lot of lesbians and gays who in different combinations form families and have children. That is why Pan Idræt has made an offer where rainbow families can meet about sports, play and movement.

Red cheeks and lots of laughter

When we meet in Pan Rainbow Family Sports, it is first and foremost about having fun in a setting where everyone can participate. Our instructors focus on creating a safe and secure space for the children to unfold in.

We take advantage of being part of Pan Idræt - from the spring of 2017 we will draw on the other departments to spread the range of activities - both for the children but also for you parents.

Friendships and networks

One of the goals of Pan Rainbow Family Sports is to give children early friendships with other children who come from family constellations that are reminiscent of their own and in which they can reflect themselves.

At the same time, Pan Rainbow Family Sports is an offer where parents can get to know other rainbow parents. You can form networks, exchange experiences and talk together about the joys and challenges of being a rainbow parent.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

You can contact us at e-mail or find us on Facebook



Where and when


Every Saturday at 10 i KU.BE (Dirch Passers Allé 4 - 2000 Frederiksberg)

KU.BE is right next to Flintholm Station (S-train, Metro and Bus)


If you have any questions, you can always write to our chief instructor Anders Højer at regnbuefamilie@panidraet.dk

If you have questions about the contingent or your membership, you can contact the Pan Sports Secretariat at sekretariat@panidraet.dk

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