About Pan TransFitness


We are fully booked at the moment.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to write to us and be placed on the waiting list. Don't hesitate - we're working hard to offer more sessions and expand our capacity.


Transfitness is a new project in autumn 2021 which starts out with a pilot focussing on transmasculine fitness.

We want to expand our offer to other gender minorities if there is enough demand and if the costs can kept as low as possible, as we know that money can be tight for many.

The class for transmasculine people focuses on a safer space for them where they can feel safe and secure and enjoy training regardless of whether they use a binder or not, or are on testosterone or not.

We place a high value on transmasculine people being able to get together and work out in a healthy way, regardless of where they are in their transition.

We very much want to hear from anyone who would like to join similar classes for gender minorities. Write to use using the contact form below. Around Christmas 2021, we will be evaluating the pilot and looking at the possibility for other classes, such as for transfeminine people.

We train in an undisturbed section of Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 Vesterbro.

The training room we use is discreet and closed off, so that it is not possible to see in from outside.

There are machines, floor space and free weights available.

The changing rooms are reserved exclusively for our use, and there will be shower curtains.

The actual training will be a mix of warm up exercises, machines and free weights, so all can join in. There is a deep understanding of individual needs and it's perfectly ok to not take part in every exercise.

We will have safe space rules: how we greet each other, how to be a good mate and include everyone and our differences.

The trainers and organisers are Nevan Solagna and Lai Christian Balsig. Both have experience of transition and the challenges of normal fitness places. They will work hard to create a safe environment for the training, so that participants can focus on their training rather than their surroundings.

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Where and when

We train on Mondays from 18:15-19:15 At Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 Copenhagen V. Access to changing rooms 15 minutes before and after.

Start: Monday 27 September.



Pan Transfitness costs 0 DKK until end 2021.

You also need to be a member of Pan Idræt. Membership costs DKK390 per calendar year (DKK195 in the year you join if you join from July).

Trial class

You are very welcome to join in a trial class - but please contact us first before coming.

You can come twice before you need to register and join.

Contact us to agree when you can come by using the contact form below. Your message will go directly to the steering committee.


Steering Committee for Pan TransFitness

Lai Christian Balsig

Lai Christian Balsig

Steering committee member

Nevan Solagna

Nevan Solagna



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