About triathlon, open water swimming and cycling

If you are one of those who think that one sport is not enough, then triathlon is definitely something for you!
Join one of Denmark's fastest growing sports activities. Pan Tri & Bike is Pan Idræt's section for triathlon, open water swimming and cycling. With us, you can either take part in all three triathlon disciplines or settle for cycling. We are primarily for the gay community, but everyone is welcome.

Pan Tri & Bike also has a Facebook group, which you can become a member of and regularly receive updates about our activities.

Write to tribike@panidraet.dk - we'd love to tell you more about us.

Triathletes in Denmark must pay a license fee - read more about payment here.

Pan Triathlon

Where and when

Cykelture bliver slået op i vores Facebook group ad hoc. Some members ride all year, others mostly in the summer months. Follow us on Facebook. Rides vary in length and route, and one of the favourite shorter rides is Round Amager at about 40km. Rides to North Zealand of about 50-90 km are also popular, especially in summer.

When fitness centres are open we sometimes coordinate spinning sessions.

Open Water Swimming:

Open water swimming takes place in Amager Strandpark every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY at 18:00 from the beginning of June (or once the water temperature reaches least 15 degrees).
Pan Tri & Bike rents space in Den Blå Foreningsby, Øresundstien 7, Amager Strandpark.
You need to provide your own wetsuit, goggles and swimming cap in a signal colour (e.g. bright yellow).

If you want to try open water swimming, you can borrow a wetsuit the first few times before you decide to buy your own!

Indoor swimming  

From September to May, members of Pan Tri & Bike can also swim with the Copenhagen Mermates, Pan Idræt's swimming section,. Due to Covid-19, there can be restrictions. Follow Mermates FB-gruppe 

Running training:

We often go for run after open water swimming in Amager Strandpark. In addition, we have a collaboration with Copenhagen Frontrunners, where for DKK 200 a year, you can be a member of Frontrunners and participate in their training activities. Read about Frontrunners here: here

Competitions and events

Club members participate in a wide variety of triathlons, open water swimming competitions and cycling races. From the shortest sprint distances all the way up to the ironman distance. In the 2017 season, club members participated in these races:

The big event of the year is Copenhagen 2021, where there will be triathlon-an Olympic distance triathlon race at Amager Strandpark.. Our triathlon section is helping to organise this. 


Open water swimming
The open water swimming season ends with Christiansborg Rundt (2 km swimming in the harbour and canals of Copenhagen).
In addition, regular participation in races and social gatherings is coordinated. It takes place in our Facebook group.


Tri-members: DKK 760 annually
Cycling: DKK 200 annually

In addition, you need to have paid for membership of Pan Idræt at DKK 390 per year.

Licence payment

Triathletes in Denmark must pay a license to the Danish Triathlon Federation (DTriF), otherwise you can not compete in triathlon competitions etc.

Steering committee for Triathlon, Open Water-Swimming and Cycling

Thomas Jensen

Thomas Jensen


Teddy Østerlin Koch

Teddy Østerlin Koch

Steering committee member

Per Horn Rasmussen

Per Horn Rasmussen


Jens Ludvigsen

Jens Ludvigsen

Steering committee member


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