Is your sport missing?

In Pan Idræt, new sports are regularly added to the already wide range of sports on offer, so the club has solid experience in setting up new sports sections.

In recent years, hockey, boxing, floorball, rainbow family sports and most recently bowling have become part of the association.

Starting a new sport is fun, but also hard work. It requires some enthusiasts who are willing to make an effort to create support for the project. Don't worry, all the boring things like administration, finding the right facilities, etc. are all taken care of by Pan Idræt. All you need to do is find a small group of people ready to get going. Write to us - it could be that your idea is so good that we get just your sport up and running.


Interessegruppe for bordtennis i Pan Idræt


Interessegruppen for boulders i Pan Idræt.


Interessegruppe for bowling i Pan Idræt


Interessegruppe for fitness i Pan Idræt

Håndbold kvinder

Interessegruppen for kvinde-håndbold i Pan Idræt.


Interessegruppe for kampsport/selvforsvar i Pan Idræt


Interessegruppe for kitesurfing i Pan Idræt


Interessegruppen for kayak i Pan Idræt.


Interessegruppe for at etablere et kor i Pan Idræt

Pan Modern Dance

The interest group for modern dance in Pan Idræt.


Interessegruppe for padle i Pan Idræt


Interessegruppen for sport for regnbuefamilier i Pan Idræt.

Pan Senior

Interest group to establish activities for seniors in Pan Idræt


Interessegruppe for skak i Pan Idræt


Interessegruppe for spinning i Pan Idræt

Pan Squash

Interest group for squash in Pan Idræt


Interessegruppen for TRX i Pan Idræt.


Interessegruppe for vinterbadning i Pan Idræt

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