Cancel membership (arrears)

Most members in arrears have actively chosen to let others pay the bills for their sport. We have a pretty sharp attitude to this in Pan Idræt. Members in arrears have a very short period during which they must have paid what they owe.

Otherwise, we show them the door.

It is the steering committees in the individual sections that have the full responsibility for continuously ensuring that only paying members come to training and events, etc. This means that you must regularly undertake membership checks at training sessions, etc.

For the collection of club membership fees and team activity fees, Pan Idræt's office will send formal reminders to members in arrears - but it is the steering committee in the individual departments that are responsible for the follow-up.

You can read more via this link about the entire procedure for fee arrears (coming soon)

Members in arrears have a maximum of 30 days to pay. In the 30 days that run from the due date to day 30, it is the steering committee's responsibility via dialogue, outreach and member control to get the member in arrears to update their payment card information in the member system so that the system can collect arrears.

As day 30 approaches, the steering committee must actively decide whether the membership should be terminated as a result of the arrears. The steering committee does this by reporting the members in question via the form in the next tab (see above).

If the steering committee does nothing and just lets time go by, the office will account for the arrears as losses in the sports section's accounts. At the same time, the office will remind the member in question and add a reminder fee to the reminder letter.


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