Allocation of sports facilities in Pan Sports

On this page, you will find further information about the allocation of municipal sports facilities, including our own internal rules for these allocations in Pan Idræt.

Pan Idræt København and Pan Idræt Frederiksberg are both publicly approved sports clubs in the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, respectively.

In both municipalities, the allocation of sports facilities takes place in accordance with the Public Information Act and the principles adopted in both municipalities.

This means, i.a. that children's and youth clubs have a higher priority than adult clubs in relation to the allocation of premises.

Search for public sports facilities is done via Pan Sports's secretariat, regardless of whether it is times in Copenhagen or in Frederiksberg.

Application for times is made for a shorter or longer period of time determined by the municipal authorities. Before the end of a period of time, an application round will be opened, where both current and new times must be applied for again.

This is handled by the secretariat.

Prior to an application round, the secretariat will provide information to all steering groups regarding the upcoming application round.

Unless the secretariat is notified otherwise, the individual times used by the activity will be automatically reapplied. If the steering group has new or changed needs for premises, the secretariat must be notified before the deadline - with a detailed description of needs.

After the application rounds, remaining times are often offered. The secretariat will send more information about these, including how the procedure is for applying for remaining hours.

Fixed allocation

When the allocation plan is ready, the individual times are allocated to the respective departments on the basis of the applications that were previously entered into - or those that have been automatically reapplied.

We call this internally in Pan Sports a fixed allocation.

Temporary allocation

From time to time, a department does not need its fixed allotted time for a shorter period of time.

The time is then offered internally in Pan Idræt before it is temporarily deregistered from the municipality.

If another department is allocated such an internal time, this is called a temporary allocation.

The prerequisite for being granted a temporary allocation is that the department makes it clear to the members that this is a temporary allocation, on loan, as another Pan Sports department temporarily does not need the time.

Searching for summertime varies greatly from sport to sport.

Some are done centrally via the secretariat, which will send information about this to the steering groups.

Others are done by contacting the individual sports facilities as a sport for the allocation of summer time.

If in doubt, contact the secretariat.

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