This is how we welcome newcomers to Pan Idræt

The membership survey that Pan Idræt conducted in 2014 showed that our members are happy to be a member of Pan Idræt. They say they make new friends, experience better health and a generally better quality of life - and they recommend their friends to us.
Most of our new members say that they did not experience any major barriers in terms of signing up: 44 % say that they did not experience any barriers. But there are as many as 25 % of our current members who say they were unsure whether they would be well received.

The various sports have subsequently described their good advice on how to welcome new members. Initially, here is a brief generalised summary of 7 tips.

It is a good idea for it to be shown on the website or elsewhere what to do if you are interested in participating in the sport: when is it best to show up, whether you have to contact someone beforehand, what are the changing facilities, requirements for training clothes / equipment, is there a free trial session to try the sport, all levels are welcome, etc.

You should quickly follow up on inquiries about participation in the sport: welcome newcomers, send information about the sport (possibly info sheet / welcome letter), arrange the first training session and inform the coaches or other relevant people that a new person is coming.

When the new person shows up at the facility for the first time, it is important for the person to feel welcome and that there is someone to receive them and show the way in, to the changing rooms etc. It can be someone from the steering committee who has this task, or the coach or someone completely different. The newcomer may need to be shown around, presented and introduced, ge given information about the training and the team, etc.

It is important that you as a newcomer feel that you are welcome also in relation to your abilities or athletic level. Help the new one get started with the sport. In some sports, the new one gets a "buddy" attached who helps get started and follows up on whether you can keep up. Other sports have special beginner training etc.

The vast majority of sports have their own facebook group. It is a good idea to make sure that the newcomer joins this group from the very beginning - it ensures an early connection to the sport socially.

Many sports hold a "3rd half" and have various social events. Most members of Pan Sports come primarily for the social. Therefore, it is important to make sure that new ones come along when there are social activities in addition to sports. Make sure the new ones know they are welcome.

Someone gets to try a sport and finds out that it was not just them anyway. But maybe there is another sport in Pan Sports where they can get off to a better start. Feel free to ask the question to those who withdraw and encourage them to try another sport.

In Badminton, around half of the curious potential new members come for the first time after approaching us in the Steering Committee before they show up. The other half comes for the first time with friends or acquaintances who are already members. Most times we are also informed about newcomers in the Steering Committee.

First target group: We answer the inquiry with a friendly, interested and questioning response and attached welcome sheet. We try as the most important thing to arrange their first training session. It almost always succeeds.

Dear Heidi
Thank you for your interest in Pan Badminton.
You are very welcome to drop by for a trial lesson. The best time is Wednesdays at 20.30 in DGI-Byen or Fridays at 19.00 in Grøndal MultiCenter, where we also have coaches.
Everyone can participate - we have all levels. Feel free to write to me when you plan to come by for the first time so I can make sure we can welcome you. Have you played badminton before?
I have attached a welcome sheet for people considering joining Pan Badminton.
Many greetings from (name), Pan Badminton


When we know when the new player will first come to training, we write in Pan Badminton on Facebook with a short message with, among other things, name and badminton career. If the new player, for example, has just moved to Copenhagen, we will also write it. The first time the new player is in training, it is everyone's job and responsibility to welcome. The coaching staff and the steering committee pay special attention to welcoming and taking good care of the new player. When the player has been to training for the first time, we invite them into Pan Badminton on Facebook.

Second target group: We do not make much extra out of that target group, as the new player already has relationships with members of the club. As with the first target group, the coaching group and the steering group are aware that they need to welcome the new player. This target audience most often even applies for membership of Pan Badminton on Facebook.


1) Sends a welcome / infomail
2) Provides a contact person to meet the newcomer
3) Make sure to pair the new one up to the exercises with an experienced member so that they get some input and are not left until last.
4) Adds to the facebook group.


In Pan Golf, we welcome both beginners and experienced golfers. New experienced players are invited to 18-hole matches, while beginners are invited to Par 3 rounds in Smørum Golf Club, where everyone can participate.

The personal touch is the fundamental basis of Pan Golf. Golf is a sport that very few people start without knowing a friend, partner or colleague who plays the game. At Pan Golf we welcome with open arms and welcome everyone.

On facebook and by email, we are in close dialogue with potential new members, and in 2015 many more Par 3 rounds will be determined, so we can get as many as possible out to play. We always agree with new ones to meet them in front of the clubhouse in Smørum Golf Club and help them in the shop where green fees and equipment rent are paid.

With handed out equipment, we go on the driving range and warm up. Here we show the very elementary things. How to stand and how to hold on to the iron. It's butt back, look down and the front foot staying in contact with the ground.

Since golf is an outdoor sport, Pan Golf's high season is different from most Pan Idræt sports. Therefore, in the spring we offer "Pan Golf for All" event, where we play the beginner course (Par 3 course). Here we provide a small goodie bag which i.a. contains the things to be used on a round. Balls, tees, small pencil and marker. At this event, we have extra focus on welcoming newcomers, where we are a team of experienced people who help get started with the game.


First and foremost, we in the gymnastics steering committee have an agreement to use regular courtesy and openness about everyone, regardless of whether you are new or not. We are a relatively small section, and the steering group is always introduced at the start of each training session, whether as one of the three trainers or the happy exercisers who come regularly on our 3 evenings. If newcomers do not get a smile or a friendly inquiry or remark from the other participants, one of the steering committee will certainly do so.

After almost every training session, we go out to the same café near the school we train at, and get a beer or and / or a bite to eat. We always make sure to ask newcomers if they want to join. In addition, we regularly have a Christmas party and a summer party. On our Facebook page and for the training, we invite you to a shared experience such as dining, cinema trips, etc.

We have divided the work between us in the steering committee, so that someone other than the chairman takes care of inquiries from new ones, who always have the time and who will respond faster than the chairman at any time. Quick response is important, we believe. The 3 coaches are always notified when newcomers can be expected to show up. We believe that well-functioning communication within the steering committee is vital to being an open and welcoming sports section.

When it comes to welcoming new members to hockey, we have one of us taking care of the newcomer all the way through the first few sessions. We have appointed one of us as a “mentor” or big brother to the new ones. The person will then make sure the new ones get all the info before they come to training (when and where, what equipment to bring, what to expect, etc.), greet them when they come for the first time, talk to them during training , follow up with them after training… what they think about the training, encourage them to come again, etc.

We also hold various social events regularly, also outside the club, and always invite the newcomers along so they feel part of the team and the group.


In Frontrunners, we welcome all newcomers when we arrive at training in USG. They are allowed to introduce themselves to the runners. The first few times, a member is allocated to the newcomer as a buddy, who tells about our running club broadly, and so that they do not feel alone. Our training is organised in a way so that everyone can participate, regardless of whether you are an experienced or inexperienced runner.

We encourage them to join our facebook group, where they will also be welcomed.
New members receive a welcome letter with all the necessary information.
We also encourage them to attend our social events as it is a great way to get into the running club and we are very attentive to whether they sign up, otherwise we ask why.
We also encourage them to join one of our groups e.g. the social group, it is also a good way to get into the running club.

On the website you can read about different profiles of members so you can see that there are both very experienced runners and more social runners in the department.


All of September (hope to do the same for January): 1-2 from the steering group arrive half an hour before the start of swimming to welcome new ones and show them inside.

At the same time, coaches and members have been prepared to welcome newcomers and greet those who have not been seen before. Otherwise, we have season startup parties, periodic focus on 'lost' members, pauses in the training session to let everyone say their name, Friday dining and quick responses to written inquiries.

Water polo

As a rule, the team captain is always in the lobby 20 minutes before training and welcomes newcomers. In addition, in periods with many newcomers (season start) we have two coaches, where one only coaches beginners for 2/3 of the time. Last 1/3 is joint training, so we ensure integration.


New members or interested people write to the chairman who guides them in the language they would like to speak. Like so many other sports in Pan Idræt, we have a number of expats, so being able to guide new people into the association in several languages is important.

If the chairman himself cannot show up and welcome the newcomer to training, then the chairman makes sure that the newcomers sign up for the "Pan Tennis Member Forum" and puts them in contact with another member who will welcome them to training.

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