Coaching contracts and payments

On this page you will find the rules that apply to our coaches and instructors on all teams. You will also find the standard contracts all coaches and instructors must sign before they begin their work. There is also a link to request a payment to a coach.

Coaching contracts

All coaches and instructors who work on one of Pan Idræt's teams must sign a coaching contract for voluntary coaching before they start. It is formally the individual steering comittee that enter into the contract with the coaches and instructors in question.

The contract has two overall purposes: 1) a management tool for the steering committee and 2) ensuring that legal, financial and insurance matters are clear.

Throughout Pan Idræt, we use a simplified version of DGI's standard contract for volunteer coaches - you will find it in the box to the right. We call it Pan Idræt's standard contract for voluntary coaching. You must not edit the text of the contract unless this has been approved by the Board.

If a coach is to be hired on a salaried basis, the office must be contacted to prepare an employment contract.

If a coaching contract has not been signed with a volunteer coach - then he or she is not covered by Pan Idræt's insurances and no coaching payment will be paid.

Management tools for the steering committee

The coaching contract is the place where the steering committee, as the management group of the section, sets out the expectations that the commitee has on behalf of the members for the activities that take place on the respective teams that are part of the section.

The coaching contract is therefore a completely natural part of the ongoing dialogue that you as management have with the individual coaches about, for example, the sporting goals for the individual teams.

Regardless of whether a coaching contract is limited in time or open-ended, the steering committee should conduct conversations with the volunteer coaches at least once a year, where expectations and the future are a natural element.

Ensuring legal, financial and insurance matters

When a steering commitee decides to agree on coaching for one or more sports teams, you as a steering committee enter into the same type of role as an employer in the labour market - even though voluntary coaching is not an actual employment relationship - but there are many similarities.

This means that as a steering committee, you take on a great deal of responsibility on behalf of the members - therefore there must be proper control of the legal, financial and insurance matters - before starting a coaching job.

Pan Idræt's standard contract for volunteer coaching stipulates that the coach is covered by the statutory insurances, it is possible to agree on the provision of coaching allowance and it is ensured that the rules of conduct as regards young people under 18 have been presented to the volunteer coach, that the voluntary coaching work is done for the benefit of the community and that you therefore subsequently as a coach can not undertake commercial activities as an extension of the the voluntary work undertaken.

Report coach payment

Request a coach payment here

Download coach contract template

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