Vision 2025

It is Pan Idræt's ambition to create a welcoming and inclusive space that invites exercise, health and community and that creates quality of life both for members and for everyone under the rainbow in Copenhagen in general. The challenges in today's Denmark are still great for those groups in society whose sexuality and gender identity do not coincide with those of the majority. Living conditions surveys indicate that the target group is overrepresented when it comes to loneliness, depression, alcohol abuse and smoking.

Today, the first contact with the rainbow environment usually takes place via the bars and nightlife. This is where young people come first. Newcomers who seek the openness of the big city also go first to the bars, which for many appear as the safe environment where they can meet like-minded people.

Pan Idræt must create an alternative community, and the long-term goal is that Pan Idræt in 2025 has taken over the position as the primary place for community and network.

Pan Sports must be the place to go to meet others, create networks and find friends. This is where you create new relationships when you have jumped out and found like-minded people without a precondition for consuming alcohol and smoke. The focal point is instead sports and community.

In 2025, Pan Idræt has made it easier to be part of the rainbow environment in Denmark. In 2025, the target group has a much more solid network, you feel more included and it has become much healthier to live openly with your sexuality or gender identity.

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